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The accelerated progress in technology digitalis, is without a doubt inevitable and necessary, I always place as an example that is treated as a great career where we try to go all together and that is that we have to go to , try as much as possible not be left behind, the great career, this is full of much knowledge, experiences, wisdom and according to these elements is what makes us stay on the edge. We should not stay behind, as this means the backwardness, the obsolete, that would result in failure in everything that concerns our digital environment.
Digital use has long since become part of our lives,
It is necessary to keep updated on the technological advances which would simplify our day to day.

Origin of IONChain:

In 1887, the famous Swedish physicist, Arrhenius, proposed his theory of ionization, publishing the form similar to the form of information. The chain is so called because IONChain, will act as the underlying link between all IoT devices to support decentralized P2P communications between all devices, just as the ion is an integral element of the atom, and without it, the atom would not be the same. What is it. Making IoT devices capable of exchanging value with each other automatically with the use of smart contracts will create countless application scenarios for the entire industry, pushing them into a w era.

Ionization is the process by which an atom or molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by winning or losing electrons to form ions, often together. with other chemical changes. Similarly, the IONIZATION algorithm separates two main functions of the block chain: value creation and transfer value New business models will be produced after combining and separating the value creation layer and the value transfer layer. Under the current blockchain technical architecture, the creation of value and the transfer of value are combined, which has great practical value in certain cases. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum is based on this type of algorithm. However, these algorithms are not suitable for the future requirements of the growing IoT industry.
The IONChain algorithms are designed to make it possible for each IoT device to become a mining machine that allows them to create value constantly. However, as IoT devices arrive in all types and forms, the value created is varied according to the type of device and the function. The future ecosystem requirements of IONChain can not be met if we follow the existing protocol, which is a combination of value creation and value transfer. Therefore, the IONIZATION algorithm was developed for IONChain, and the raison d'être of this algorithm is to separate the creation of value and the transfer of value. Once the separation has been made, the value creation layer is solely responsible for creating the value. Each type of IoT device will have a specifically designed algorithm design. Like ions after ionization, the value created by different IoT devices in the IONChain network can be combined into new types of consensus algorithms that will translate the value generated in different scenarios into the unified standard expressed in IONC currencies. From this, the value transfer layer allows transferring value within the IONChain system. All the participants of the systems system of exchange of information can exchange their value freely through the value transfer layer.

What is IONChain and what is its objective?

IONChain, is a non-profit foundation, founded in Singapore at the beginning of 2018, is an IoT infrastructure project that aims to solve problems such as:
Data Security
Data circulation
Data sharing
Data transactions

While IoT technology has gone very far, there is still a lack of compatibility between devices and the overall standardization of their operation.

IONChain is the ecosystem that will unify the technology of intelligent devices and allow them to truly become part of our daily lives!
It will make all communication parameters of all devices through the IoT network equal to any device used to achieve standardization in the way in which the data is interpreted, will allow them to implement their vision: "A device, a coin, a code "

IONChain team, is made up of professionals, with extensive experience in the use of the blockchain
Based in Singapore and Shanghai, the team is made up of developers who have worked on large-scale projects such as Hyperledger. The ICO was a voluntary approach to community participation, since the project had already obtained interest from the main private investment funds, such as LD Capital, Node Capital, Hashlink Capital and IBC Blockchain Capital.

Fuente: Bitcointalk, IONChain

IoT Landscape: Opportunities and Weaknesses

The global advance and the market is wide, the following computers and internet, It is expected that 1289.9 billion dollars will be invested in IoT by 2020. It is expected that the number of devices with IoT software will grow to 30 billion in the Same period of time.

The protection and privacy at the time of the use of electronic, is one of the major problems facing the user. He does not have control of the data he provides to the system, in many cases he does not know where he is going or how he is used, in recent times there have been cases of hacker attacks that act successfully entering the centralized storage servers, bringing as a consequence the theft of data in small as large companies as well as in a personal way of the user.
IONChain is the decentralized solution for this problem, which increases security and the ability to integrate devices worldwide.

The technical architecture.

The technical architecture through the ionization algorithm is based on two major steps:
Generation of value and Transfer of value of IONChain.

The process of generating value can be divided into four main categories:

Generation of value:

All information is processed and stored in each individual smart device. The data is converted to a standard format and that data is passed to the value verification.

Verification of value:
This is the part that we are all familiar with as blockchain. The data is processed through an exclusive PoW / PoS combination consensus mechanism of IONChain.

Value evaluation:
This is where the data is authenticated and protected from double-spending attacks.

Value confirmation:
The data is confirmed, and IONC is generated!

IONChain value transfer

The process of generating value can be divided into six layers:

  1. Application layer
  2. Service layer
  3. Protocol layer
  4. Smart contract layer
  5. Blockchain layer
  6. Data storage layer

IONChain use case.

Once the IONChain protocols are integrated, in the IOT devices of different manufacturers or companies, a large amount of dAPP can be created to help facilitate its use in an optimal way.
Integrate as a community in this breakthrough would bring in all respects better quality of life, become security, privacy and control in the use of electronic devices, just thinking that when I open the door of my apartment, the lights of this turn on , as well as programming at a certain moment the entrance to the building through the electronic gate, the air conditioning of my home start its operation. Taking into account that all IONChain Connected devices can be programmed to perform actions that depend on the data received from other devices IONChainConnected. The more manufacturers implement the IONChain protocol in their devices the more possibility there is to automate their operation in relation through the dAPP

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