Xaya: The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Plataform

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Throughout history and life itself, games have become part of our own existence. We relate games with fun, joy, enthusiasm and also gain. And when we play we always look for it to be clean, it means honest, safe, fast, and fair.
Xaya, It is an asset platform, which uses blockchain technology. It provides a great and varied amount of tools and infrastructures for game developers, creating their own game worlds aligning with their vision and projects.
The team that makes up this great organization is composed of professionals with experience, and knowledge in business and in the blockchain.
In February 2014, a first project was launched, Huntercoin, which many of this first experience is based Xaya, this first experience was designed to last 1 year, and still continues in force, In Huntercoin players create a (hunter), in the blokchain and all movements are recorded, the nodes calculate their positions and game state in each block. Similar to how Ethereum's intelligent contracts work. Taking into account that this was published before it existed. Xaya acts in a similar way making innovative what they call gaming channels, This is a technology that came to this great team in 2015 and was reviewed by peers and published in the general ledger in 2016.

Xaya, launches two important upcoming games:

Treat Fighters.
It is a game that is presented in the world of Canedoom. Cook your best
fight fighters and compete with others in battle. The game will run
completely in the block chain.
Football coach.
A game where fairness prevails among the participants, by associating with Xaya,
you acquire a real property of the resources in the game, this includes money,
players, stadiums and other associated elements.

The currency of Xaya is called Chi, as it is known that cryptocurrencies reach their value due to the greater use made by users in transactions, in order to achieve a higher return on their currency, Xaya will promote it through its developers so that their games are seen, if these work well, it is expected a greater performance of the currency.

There are two problems between the Developers and the Players:
The one has to do with the other, As more and more complex games increase, fewer and fewer of them reach the market due to the time and cost limitations of the small development teams. And that form a large part.
It is important to highlight the Technical Details:
The problem of scaling each time more famous in cryptocurrencies and blockchain games, Xaya solves it with the game channels. These game channels register movements in private side chains. Digital signatures and hash chain structures ensure that movements can not be fraudulent or reversed. When the players agree on the outcome of the game, the rewards will be distributed through 2 of 2 transactions with multiple signatures. If the players do not agree, the data in the side chain allows the honest player to prove his claim and receive his fair share.

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Source: Xaya White paper


These are some of the games that a developer can build or access in Xaya:

Collectible card games
Real-time strategy games (RTS) / Multiplayer online battle scenarios (MOBA)
Turn games
There are other genres such as types of games beyond the three popular online categories mentioned.


Xaya , decentralized platform of assets.
It decreases the time it takes games to move from one concept to another, this reduces the financial burdens of infrastructure and administration in small teams.
Players will have a great advantage in these decentralized games, such as having the true ownership of their assets online and sharing the profit potential that developers have created, through the exchange of their assets in real value, with the use of the cryptocurrency in a simple and safe way.

For more information watch this short video!

This writing was done by @nancyka for the contest @originalworks, sponsored by Xaya.



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