Netcoins and Grassroots Efforts

2년 전

It seems this whole Netcoins thing is getting some grassroots push from people with skin in the game that'd like to get steem listed on Netcoins.

For those in the dark, they're holding a contest to get Netcoins listed. Steem is currently in third place, behind Verge (I have some Verge coins) and PAC Coin (I have no idea what this is).

At any rate, it takes all of five seconds to vote. By doing so, you're helping raise the value of steem.

Grassroots efforts! Click here to participate: Vote now

Current standings

Proof of my vote

The original push to get me to vote came from a friend of mine on steemit, @creatr, and he provided a blob of info to put in this post. I hacked it up pretty bad, but it kind of originally looked like this. Kinda:

Steem Needs Your Votes to WIN BIG!

Netcoins Coin Listing Contest

and VOTE for Steem once a day.

Please do it now, and we’ll all win!


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I got that cute little infomercial from dear @creatr too! Okay that’s two people giving a nudge, and I saw @caleblailmusik getting in on the action. I had better check it out. Hey I wonder if someone could make it possible to buy more hours in a day!


HourCoin? TimeToken? MinuteMoney?

Lets start an ICO!


Hey Neg!

Yeah, you, @negativer!

You came to mind today in a very negative way, as in, I realized that I haven't seen you around for ages.

Fortunately, upon checking your blog here, I discovered that I was absolutely correct. There have been no @negativer sightings for entirely too long.

Hoping you're OK, I'll dare to ask: Are you OK?




Eeek! Hello sir!

I am honored that you even noted my absence and thought of me.

I've been spending a lot of my spare time writing and submitting things to various markets for publication, and as such I've scaled back my involvement in other things. Only so much time in the day!

So, my steemit activities are somewhat limited for now, but I am sure I will be back soon enough, perhaps during holiday downtimes in my work situation.

Thanks much for checking in, @creatr! :)


Hey, glad you're OK!

In other news, I hope you're aware of the huge immediate opportunity in BTS / BEOS?
And also the (strangely curious but "free") Initiative Q thing?
And the amazing things happening in the @distributedweb world?

First and last of those IMNSHO being the most significant? ;)

P.S. My very best wishes, of course, on your submissions, etc.!!! :D

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Does seem like a good idea if we could win this and then we would have some much needed GOOD NEWS to celebrate around here!



Truth. Something uplifting and positive to balance out the bad feelings and words.

I... I can't even keep up with this stuff anymore, but I'll vote because Neggy.

And that's it.

You're welcome. <3


I can't keep up either. I'm sure by voting we're all going to get hacked somehow and all our coffee stolen and our whites mixed in with our colors.

But either way, you're a nice fellow, Caleb. Real decent sort.


If they take my coffee, they take my life.

Thanks dude. I made a post too. <3


"...and our whites mixed in with our colors."

Laughing. Out. LOUD! :D

Im on the daily voting regime on this. Think it also could make a huge positive flip, so yeah! Lets all work on it!


Who knows? It's certainly easy enough to vote, and my competitive spirit wants us to win.

Mostly because I don't know what PAC Coin is. And it sounds dumb.


its sounds stupid...we need to take over..and yeah, vorting is surely easy enough, so that is not the reson for not doing it hahah

Thanks for adding your voice to the push forward! :D