Bit Coin Down Again Not Good

2년 전

Bit Coin Down Again Not Good

Here is the Mainstream Media Taking its shot again at Bit Coin

This story different day down again after a good rally to $7200, disappointing to be honest its nothing to do with Golden man sacks. I see the real growth being from the rubbish currency in Argentina collapsing and turkey pushing the demand for crypto up that has not happened yet which is not good.

Its very Frustrating

A year of low prices and nothing more happening

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It will go up again soon!!

Let me know when we hit the bottom so I can buy. lol

Yeah this year isn't a good year for cryptos. Previous year was great, i think we have to wait for 2019 for something bigger.

Last 2 days BTC decrease almost $1000 .. Thats really disappionting update.. Hope BTC come back again..

I hope the panorama improves, greetings friend!

I think these are things that can happen there are good days and bad days and those good days will come

Very disappointing. Bitcoin again down, i don't know how more time we have to wait for the bull market?

Undoubtedly many prices have gone down like the Steem I saw in a dollar and I felt happy but it is down again

@newmarket65, True, in my opinion only one aspect cannot drive the market but in my opinion nowadays we are watching the developments in the Crypto Sphere but at the same time many negatives are going on too.

And most importantly the energy is draining but i hold the passion so continuing hard no matter what the current position is. Let's hope for the best and let's hope that future holds great growth.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂