Basis Neuro : The Future of Human-Machine Relationship

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
~ Arthur C. Clarke

There always come a time when a single technology changes existing paradigms totally. The Internet itself is one of the most notable ones that changed how we interact, from companies to everyday people.

Today, Human to machine relationship is manual but most of us have at some point fantasized on controlling them with our minds and thoughts.

Basis Neuro is here to fulfill our fantasies. With working prototypes, Basis Neuro's headsets allow humans control their compatible smart devices using nothing but thoughts and neural commands. You can say Basis Neuro is bringing "ESP" to the mass market, no long years of sitting in meditation on the himalayas to gain power (siddhi as they say). This is just pure power to control, one you can buy at the tech mall anytime soon.

Basis Neuro's technology has a wide range of applications, from Educational to Game Industry, the Medical Industry, Smart Houses and Internet of Things and even corporations who aim to improve staff efficiency. The prospect can only be imagined and Basis Neuro's SDK is available to developers and device manufacturers to enable them leverage on neural control on their devices.


It's definitely going to be an interesting future.

Here is an overview of Basis Neuro


A few extras before I explain my designs







I see Basis Neuro as advanced tech and needs the techy feel to its publicity materials. The glows, the avatar wearing a prototype and such. I thought of creating standard web graphics which can represent the brand anywhere and explain their purpose clearly. I also did a little play on Yoga which became popular in the west first as a source of supernatural power, then later as a tool for good health. Now, Yoga will take you years to get powers (if any) but with Basis Neuro, you skip the Yoga and just get the power.

I designed simple gradient backdrops with Basis Neuro's logo pattern on it. Also, all elements except (Basis Neuro's logo and name in some cases) were designed using illustrator and can be used by the team in any advert or publicly available article about their company. I also drew and colored the avatar using Illustrator and everything can be used (if needed) without license or attribution.


Basis Neuro Large.PNG

finished basis neuro.PNG

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