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DREAM (at first known as Moneo) is an advanced marketplace for freelancing work that makes use of AI to improve initiatives. In their very own words, “DREAM validates ideas and builds groups, enabling extra initiatives and startups to be triumphant. Powered via AI, driven by means of actual-global success.” They plan to differentiate themselves from entrenched industry leaders like Upwork and Fiverr by way of focusing before everything on curating the best platform to rent blockchain-particular talent.

In line with their whitepaper, they've had over $eight million of job postings, 6,000+ improvement hours and a tested and confirmed bitcoin escrow charge gadget that turned into effectively deployed on their platform. Further, DREAM has had a hand in more than one crowd fundraisers, platform initiations, and development, and collaborated with masses of blockchain corporations and ctos.

Constructing at the success that they had with Moneo, DREAM has expected an atmosphere in which every task built using DREAM contributes to the efficacy of their AI answer. This AI solution referred to as DREAM Builder, is defined in their whitepaper as, “ a consultant, venture manager, and crew builder—guiding marketers through the thrilling, but treacherous first levels of constructing out an idea. The knowledge that becomes previously misplaced from project-to-task is captured and used to deliver qualified solutions and verified answers to clients.”

The manner DREAM Builder does this is to research the effects of initiatives constructed the usage of the platform, then making guidelines for workers or freelancers who have been pre-vetted by means of their popular platform, known as DREAM popularity. DREAM reputation is some other manner that DREAM differentiates itself and inside the analyst's opinion eclipses the cost of extra mainstream contractor marketplaces like Upwork.

Essentially, DREAM shall we contractors import their existing scores and reviews from all the primary systems, making their reputations portable. Not having the barrier of constructing a popularity from scratch on a wholly new platform is a totally savvy strategy and accomplishes two foremost things. 1. For contractors, not having to build a new popularity lowers the barrier to access for joining the DREAM platform.

This makes it more likely that there will quickly be a huge amount of talent for rent on the platform. With more talent at the platform, customers are more likely to apply it, creating a multiplying effect constantly making DREAM more attractive to all parties. After contractors for an assignment have been counseled, machine gaining knowledge of modules advise a top of the line crew structure for the task. If positive freelancers have labored collectively inside the beyond (and had a hit outcome) they may be much more likely to be paired together.


DREAM token is the lifeblood of the platform. Consistent with the white paper, “the nature of the DREAM Tokens is twofold: they may be a utility token that can be used to buy premium services and rent talent, and are also reward tokens that incentivize community individuals for Advisers the use of and developing the platform.” DREAM tokens are utilized in each process from the payments to contractors to rewarding people for schooling the AI gadget. In addition, they have plans to allow companions consisting of fundraising or prison systems to offer their services in DREAM tokens. DREAM plans to apply the token increase for three years of a runway and to enable speedy increase.

The token distribution is as follows:

Token buyers: 60%
Rewards program: 4%
Founders: 8%
Core group: 4.7%
Advisers: 9.8%
Rewards Pool: 10%
Reserve: 3.5%

The “DREAM team” so to speak is stacked with experienced skills.
The founder and CEO of DREAM are Richard Foster. In step with DREAM’s whitepaper and Linkedin, Richard based and raised investment for financially regulated payments company. He additionally has twelve years’ work enjoy as a Cisco CCIE freelance community architect in finance and energy in London. Truly his complete career has been spent as a community engineer and architect, at massive businesses like BP. He additionally seems to be a prolific fundraiser for all of the initiatives he’s been concerned with.
DREAM’s CFO Amy Diez is an ACCA chartered accountant, monetary modeler, and management representative. She changed into previously the companion Director at KPMG London for 12 years. She becomes additionally formerly offered the Jon Lopategui Memorial Prize for monetary and Macro Economics at Kingston University London, in a reputation of outstanding overall performance within the location of Monetary Economics. The improvement crew is huge, with 5 blockchain developers working on the general platform and four experts committed to running on the chatbots used in the platform.
The marketing group is small to medium-sized relative to the scale of the other teams, however, appears to have many years of revel in launching/advertising platforms of this nature.
The members of the advisory board that DREAM has amassed are honestly dazzling. They consist of individuals of the Ethereum middle developer team, Ph.D. Professionals in AI, and several blockchain criminal specialists.
I'm extraordinarily impressed with DREAM. Not most effective does their platform seem incredibly nicely thought out, but they have already constructed the foundation of it with Moneo and had gigantic success doing so.

Despite the fact that contractor marketplaces along with Upwork and Fiverr are entrenched, their center price proposition centers at the idea that contractors are inclined to pay 20% in their undertaking bills to Upwork in trade for access to a huge patron base and a depended-on escrow machine. But over time, contractors find long-time period customers and not want the security of Upwork’s platform. When that happens, they can't take their recognition with them, locking them onto the platform.
If DREAM has been only a market that solved the recognition issue, they might already be an exciting funding. However, they appear to be much extra. They're a platform for the blockchain technology, using the generation to maximize efficiency. By means of the use of a crypto escrow gadget that they themselves designed, they provide flexibility now not to be had anywhere else. In brief, DREAM is a subsequent-technology platform that matches initiatives with people and continuously improves itself from studying the effects of these pairings.

Upwork and Fiverr have big brand recognition and it could prove challenging to earn the agree with of contractors who rely on them for his or her livelihoods.
Permitting reputation portability is awesome until the accuracy of rankings from other structures is low. This will then throw off the accuracy of DREAM’s guidelines.

Growth potential
The DREAM has a noticeably certified team that has already constructed and refined the core product.
They clear up basically each problem that contractors have with current centralized platforms.
There may be a strangely low constant token deliver because of this that it takes far less capital stepping into to raise the charge.
Their platform will continuously refine itself thanks to AI and device getting to know.

DREAM earns a 7.5/10.
Although this score is extraordinarily high, I consider in this situation it is justified. The whole lot from the token economics to the quality of the group to the product they already have walking easily begs the query why there isn't extra exposure around this undertaking.
Investment info:
Token type: utility
Symbol: DREAM
Platform: Ethereum
Token supply: 100,000,000
Available For purchase: 60,000,000
Hard Cap: $33.4 Million
Pre-Sale: May 12, 2018 – May 18, 2018.
Public sale: May 19, 2018 – June 15, 2018.
Jurisdictions Barred From participating: unclear in Whitepaper.
Internet site: https://DREAM.ac/
Whitepaper: https://tokensale.DREAM.ac/whitepaper/DREAM_whitepaper.pdf

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