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The aim of the #CryptoGlossary campaign is to create a collection of crypto-related tweets and thoughts, a trustworthy and accessible knowledge base made by the community for the community.

Each week we'll pick a different word from the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and we want you to tweet about it and then vote the best entries here in the comments.

We hope this event will not only spark everyone's creativity and writing talent but also encourage critical thinking and constructive criticism.

We are looking forward to seeing what you guys will invent this time!

Class dismissed,

CH Team


Describe/Explain the following crypto term in a tweet:


Be as creative as you can, express yourself and do it in a way your grandma would understand!


Max 1 submission per user

Min 100 characters

English only

Must tag @crowdholding in your tweet

Must use #CryptoGlossary hashtag

Must use #bullrun hashtag

No copy-paste allowed, creativity is a must!


  1. Log in for free Crowdholding by clicking here - http://bit.ly/2C428Rp

  2. Tweet your definition of a Bull Run on your profile, Tag @crowdholding and use #bullrun and #CryptoGlossary in your tweet

  3. Copy your link and your tweet into the comment section on the link above

Example of a comment on Crowdholding's comment section:

A #bullrun is a financial market condition in which asset, commodity or cryptocurrency prices are rising or expected to rise. It can be considered the opposite of a bear market. @crowdholding #CryptoGlossary

Once the task expires, tokens will be added to your Crowdholding profile! No need for spreadsheets!

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