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As you know Saiterm is a industrial project and our token, the SAIEX, will be used for buying physical products, but we also want to create a platform and/or dApp that will be able to use it and that will benefit investors and early adopters. We need your help in defining some solid tokenomics.

The hows and whys of implementing a token within an ecosystem such that people can use it to exchange goods and services in that ecosystem comprise are called ‘tokenomics’.

For example:

  • Track SAIEX usage when buying low-consumption radiators, and show CO2 emissions reduction over the months.

  • Donate SAIEX to deliver radiators to charity organizations, etc.

  • Each spring device sold will have a ETH address and can be connected on network through wifi.

  • Create a reward system to incentivize usage and lower CO2 emissions.

Let us know your thoughts by answering the following questions:

  1. How can those initiatives improve each customers’ everyday life?

  2. How can they negatively/positively affect the environment?

  3. Any other ideas to integrate the SAIEX into the Saiterm ecosystem? Feel free to express your creativity.

To participate :-

  1. Sign up to Crowdholding for free by clicking here - http://bit.ly/2UWWO9r

  2. Give your responses to the questions in the comment section of Crowdholding

  3. Tokens will be added to your profile once the task has expired, no need for spreadsheets!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

The Saiterm team.

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