NO ADVERTS on YOUTUBE with The new Browser powered by Cryptocurrency (BAT)

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NO ADVERTS on YOUTUBE withThe new Browser powered by Cryptocurrency (BAT)

WHAT WILL Make You Change your Browser today.

What about getting paid to surf the web?


Are you tired of all the advertisements on website like YOUTUBE, every time you want to watch a new video you have to wait 3 seconds to press that SKIP button. Well, now with BRAVE you don’t have to.

This is not a Revolution but an Evolution.

They are creating a new Web-browser called Brave. Get your browser today @

A true people funded, Open source browser that will convert people from Firefox and Chrome to BRAVE. I am truly excited about this. I downloaded the browser today and it looks slick and smooth so far. Tell your Friends and family to download it.

Also life STEEM it will pay users to BAT to surf the web I don’t know how that is going to work but its truly a great thing If that comes to fruition.

I have done some research on Basic Attention token and I am well impressed.


The Founder
Brendan Eich
Founder, Vision, Strategy
Created JavaScript. Co-founded Mozilla & Firefox

open source transparent decentralized efficient

Basic Attention token -
Learn about about BAT as the price on this one looks like it’s going to go up very fast. Why wouldn’t you use it.

Basic Attention Token from BAT on Vimeo.

Thank you for reading the post.

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Very smooth browser, I personally checked it out! It looks like a Mac design on a Windows PC.


the design and flow of the browser is amazing and now I can watch youtube with out stupid adds. how amazing. :)


Do they have a app for ios or Android?

yep! I have been using this as my primary browser, and I am personally satisfied with it,
and also hoping to see BAT implemented soon :)


Nice to hear that. I am using this as my primiry browser and I am going to research more on this. :)

Sounds interesting, I'll check it out.


Thank you for your comment. Please do check it out and tell your friends as well if you like it. You can also resteem this post for greater exposure. :)

When he will publish the RoadMap? please ? ^^


They already have a road map. here a link to it.
Thank you for your interest. Try it for your self and if you like tell you friends and family also don't forget to follow and resteem this.

Can you start earning from browsing already?


You can give to domains but earnings don't seem to be implemented yet.


I am still trying to figure it out. But the browser has a built in wallet and you need to turn on the setting before you get paid.

Short answer is yes, long answer is give me few weeks to test the system and give you guys a full analysis.
I am using this as my main browser so lets see how much I can get in a week.

Also its free to try it for your self and let me know. :)

Thank you very much for this post. I like Brave very much. Keep posting useful posts like this and you will be a rich man :)


Thx mate. Are you using Brave as your browser?