XAYA: Massively Multiplayer Games and Virtual Asset Markets blockchain-based convertible into real values

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XAYA: Coming true Paradises for the imagination

XAYA, formerly CHIMAERA, makes come true the possibility heading deep into censorship resistant virtual worlds of games. Doubtless paradises for freedom and imagination, where you can obtain ownership of many things of the game enviroments; and what is more attractive, to transform them into financial assets in the real world. During your gameplay you are able to buy, share and selling the house or apartment, the car or aircraft, the factory, rare artefacts and any thing operating inside. Moreover and farther one could think up, manufacture and build the whole playground, and therefore; cities from scratch, companies shipping, technologies, all kinds of organizations, stocks exchanges, mafias and goverments too.
Aforementioned all and some impossibles is achievable in XAYA Decentralized Autonomous Universes.

Freedom can't be anarchy. The ever-growing improvement in computer technologies and internet accessibility made possible Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) through central servers and companies that regulate and administer them after canceling hosting and management cost payments.
A step toward more freedom was made with the start-up of the bitcoin, that operates decentralized without the need for a central authority; because of distributed ledgers which...

...can be described as a ledger of any transactions or contracts maintained in decentralized form across different locations and people, eliminating the need of a central authority to keep a check against manipulation. All the information on it is securely and accurately stored using cryptography and can be accessed using keys and cryptographic signatures. Once the information is stored, it becomes an immutable database and is governed by the rules of the network.
This technology is called - blockchain - by the way information is encrypted.

Scalability together with management of Ownership and Sharing are main XAYA challenges

Scalability and ownership are great challenges for success in blockchain-based gaming technology. Lest's do an imagination exercise: Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) means worldwide hundreds of thousands or millions of 24/7 simultaneous players of countless games, who, besides being playing, use some native coins of said games, trade or share in-game items and such items from one game to another; who make exchanges to "CHI" the reserve currency... Furthermore, they want immediately to know the status of all these things, and also some can get to dispute for them.That cluster of situations describes in summary the dimension of the challenges of scalability and ownership management overcome in the XAYA platform blockchain-based.

According to its white paper XAYA defines itself as a blockchain-based gaming and virtual item trading platform; likewise it's a cryptocurrency too. Aforesaid paper establish 3 kinds of users; developers, gamers and supporters. During the last five years, the technologies and features that XAYA offers today have been built
For gamers:
+ Provably fair gameplay
+ Reliability and stability (i.e. 24/7 uptime)
+ Secure virtual asset ownership
+ Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value (e.g. play to earn or Human Mining)
+ Secure social networking
+ Easy to use game app launcher
+ Human readable wallet accounts and “addresses”
For developers:
+ Fully-, partially-, or non-decentralised game development
+ Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development
+ Virtual currencies and asset creation
+ Ability to build gamer loyalty
+ Broad game engine compatibility (e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc.)
+ Exportable game engine templates (e.g. support for Unity
+ assets and Unreal blueprints)
+ Pre-built libraries
+ Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably
For supporters:
+ A cryptocurrency with high utility value (e.g. ‘CHI’ is the ‘fuel’ for games, creating accounts, purchasing valuable in-game items, etc.)
+ Access to large existing gaming markets
+ Access to untapped gaming markets (e.g. virtual asset trading)
+ Creation of new gaming genres (e.g. blockchain-based gaming and Human Mining)

XAYA key technologies overcome challanges with breakthroughs

XAYA has the intellectual property of some technological solutions developed through its experiences Namecoin and Huntercoin since 2013. XAYA "CHI" cryptocurrency will be based on a blockchain secured by the algorithm proof-of-work (POW).
Player accounts and the most important game data (e.g. ownership of valuable items) are persisted with a decentralised name/value store built directly into the blockchain.
Atomic transactions allow trustless trading of game items, game-specific currencies and whole game accounts for CHI They consist of transferring in unison both the item sold or shared and the respective payment. Each transaction must be signed by both parties through respective encrypted keys.
Game Channels are an extension of the payment channels in Bitcoin that can be applied to game moves between multiple players off the blockchain and thus aid in scaling XAYA to its global target size. Game Channels function as private side chains in which two players register a turn-based game while still ensuring transactions through digital signatures and a hash-chain structure without having to record all their movements in the main blockchain. If a dispute arises, then a process is initiated that places the transactions in the main blochain, which implies fee payment for the two players, which should be enough to discourage disruptive behavior. Otherwise, the following solution is available.
Ephemeral timestamps
If disputes arise in a game channel, transactions on the main blockchain need to be made in order to resolve it. By mixing the time-stamping property of a blockchain, hash commitments, amortised mining incentives, and fraud proofs in a clever way, we’ve been able to develop a new protocol that ensures that the occurring transaction fees can never be a loss for any honest participant.

XAYA: Developing both Decentralised Autonomous Universes and Crypto Gaming markets

Virtual worlds wherin games play are expanded to Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU) through XAYA blockchain-based platform.

DAU's abide by an uninterrupted set of rules, from how players interact with one another, to how they interact with the environment, to how resources are generated and can be collected by players.
The XAYA developers, taking advantage of the potential of the blockchain as soon as (distributed ledgers), have provided a new dimension to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) through the creation wider virtual realities, which operates decentralized, serverless, without ever stopping games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within such virtual worlds, developers can provide games in less time without the cost of account management, or server services. Games are equipped with countless virtual items which gamers get real ownership to trade and transform into true value and both players and developers can capitalize new revenue streams and participate in thriving economies. All of this is facilitated by the issuance of a cryptocurrency whose utility and value can be increased according to how much and often users employ it.

XAYAdemocratizing of game development and deployment

XAYA blockchain-based platform provides security, descentralization, autonomy and flexibility; operating worldwide, unstoppable and serverless a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing economy is emerging on the blockchain gaming platform created by the developers of XAYA .
Without worrying about hosting or account management costs, Independent Games Developers can create countless genres games with items that players can then acquire, share and trade. Developers build in XAYA platform their own blockchain-based games and even could isuee their own game currency tradable for "CHI", that is XAYA ecosystem reserve cryptocurrency or other virtual assets and games.Also, XAYA blockchain-based platform brings compatible and exportable development tools as games engines and templetes; as well besides supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development and pre-built libraries

Main components and feactures of the XAYA blockchain-based platform

Virtual Assest are those intangible and cryptocurrency resources serving as a means of exchange as storing of value in cryptocurrency ecosystems

Provably Fair is a system working an open-source algorithm which enable to analyze and verify for fairness in gaming online. The benefit of a provably fair system is that third-party verification and auditing become avoidable. Thus, the more trustless the more decentralized.

XAYA Roadmap

Next bellow is the TIMETABLE where you can follow the XAYA team progress path to become a game worlds blockchain-based and trading platform of virtual items


With the start up of blockchain (distributed ledgers technology) A truly decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing economy is emerging.- Now XAYA incorporates new virtual asset markets that arise from the construction of Decentralized Autonomous Universes where innumerable genres of Massively Multiplayer Online Games are been developed making it profitable to get involved in virtual realities.

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