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Games are one of the most entertaining and fun things in the world, and at this time of the history almost every person, from all ages play video games. The industry of gaming has been beneficial for everyone, from the companies that make millions of dollars each year, to the users that find a relief playing a video game after a long work journey. It's also known that playing videos games in a moderate way can bring benefits to children and adults. These and more reasons make gaming a fundamental part of our lives. However, it's not all bed of roses.

Despite we have all the fun of the game, we are not getting anything else in return, in fact we are investing time and sometimes money that no one will give us back even if we don't play the game anymore. To add insult to injury, we are completely dependant of the game developers and the servers that are running it. Here's where Xaya role comes into play, to make your gaming experience be not only fun, but also beneficial for your pocket and not centralized, everything controlled by you and the power of blockchain!

But wait... what is Xaya

(You might be wondering 🤔)

Xaya is a decentralized platform that offers both gamers, and game creators the possibility to build up virtual worlds completely on the blockhain, non-entity dependant, and allowing users to mine and trade their assests in and out of the game. From the creators of the first ever video game created on the blockchain "Chronokings", and the first MMO decentralized blockchain game "Huntercoin". The formerly called "Chimaera" company (now called Xaya), lead by the CEO Andrew Colosimo, and his team are bringing the world an innovative and improved way to play video games.

The concept of a new revolution

Just imagine yourself, using your skills and abilities to get a rare object in a virtual reality game, and then trade it for real money or coins to adquire more items on another game, sounds great right?
This is exactly what Xaya is offering, the project's goal is to create a system where everyone gets benefited, no one loses.
The company will take a leap forward to the blockchain network technology, leaving behind the necessity of spending thousands of dollars on dedicated servers and the annoying shut downs when the servers are under maintenance, giving an opportunity to small development teams with a short budget to exploit their talent and create legendary games. Servers will be active 24/7, and all these hours you usually spend playing video games,will finally have a real value!

Just for the record, a server costs between 70$ to 1500$ monthly, when we sum up the amount of players playing the game, the costs of mantaining the servers can be very huge. Link for references. This is why, developers will be much more encouraged to create blockchain games as the costs will be way lower than before, and the players will have free quality games to enjoy without spending their life savings on them.

The security of the blockchain

Unlike normal online games, the blockchain gaming is based on peer to peer network, which makes it almost impossible for attackers to sabotage the system. In order for attackers to be able to have success, they would have to hack the entire network which means every node with an exact copy of a transaction.

Timestamps:: Timestamps, are in short, transactions mined in the platform to avoid fraud and cheating. Miners will solve timestamps requests in exchange of a small fee. If the transactions between two players turns out to be a fraud, the "bad" player will be the one paying the fee, and the "good" player will receive a refund.

Atomic transactions: Atomic transactions are another way to prevent cheating. They consist on transactions that are made with two exact copies of the transaction sent at the same time both players agree with the trade, making it fair for both players, and avoiding the old tricks we used to see on platforms like "Runescape" or another trading-possibility game.


Xaya already has two games planned to be released on their blockchain platform, one of them is already a famous game, and the another one will be released at the time the platform opens. The best thing about these two games is that both are available for Android and Ios, and if we take into consideration that 22% of the games are played by mobile, this will be a huge advantage to pump the progress.

The games

Treat fighter

Be the chef of your own fighting monsters! Created by tricky fast studios,in this game you combine different recipes to create little fighters that will fight for glory... and candies ;)

A quick view on the game platform before its launching

Soccer manager

Soccer manager will definitely be of great help for the growth of the platform. Having already millions of players around the world, listed on the Facebook game room, available on Android and IOS. It's very likely that their active players will pump the platform, and this will help Xaya gain more popularity. Not only that, but the creator of Soccer Manager Andrew Gore is also part of the core team of Xaya, without a doubt, the fame of his game will be key in the popularity gaining process.

Soccer manager 2018 with the new engine update (Max settings).

A perfect enviroment for VR technology

VR is a relatively new technology, and the market is approaching to this new trend with expensive equipment that not everyone can afford. Allowing VR to merge with Xaya, will provide the users what they want, less money spending, and a 100% virtual reallity where they can manage their assets exactly like in real life, what can be better than that?
In my opinion, these are two concepts that are destined to meet each other.


The "Chi" coin

The Chi coin (which means X in the greek alphabet, referring to the X in "xaya" and at the same time Chimaera the original name of the project), will be the main coin of the platform, being used for trading and inside the game. You will also be able to buy other currencies in the platform with Chi. The coins are still on pre-sale, and you can still buy them at a cheap price, so, you should hurry up and get yours! Also if you go to the Xaya page you will adquire 300,000 coins just for registering, easy money right?

Now, looking at the chart it looks pretty neat to me. 40% of the supply will be able for mining and 40.5% is the total amount of coins already into circulation (for those who decided to by on the pre sale), this mean that we (the users) will own 80% of the game assets. The rest will be for the team and all the expenses in markenting, bounties, etc. It looks pretty fair to me and the best thing is that we will still be able to mine the rest, without investing a penny.

Use cases

For developers: Jhon is a developer. He has a big idea of creating an innovative and creative game, but there's a problem... Jhon doesn't have the money to pay the servers. One morning, Jhon discovers Xaya, and realizes he doesn't need to pay for the servers. Jhon creates a MMO VR game without having to sell his house and his car.

For users: Manuel loves gaming, but Manuel is tired of spending time and money on a game that will not give him anything back, he already got bored of the game, but feels guilty of having spent so much money and time on it "Oh man, I'm such a wasteful". However, when Manuel discovers the VR blockchain gaming, he doesn't feel bad anymore, because he can withdraw his fund whenever he wants, and besides, he's making money while playing!

For gaming companies: The big players of the industry of games realize that other companies are becoming rich, without much investment, therefore they will join Xaya to avoid missing out. Now the biggest industries of the world will have their games listed on Xaya. (very probable scenario)

The team

Having worked for years on big projects such as Namecoin (with a more than 20 million worth market cap), or Coinhunter (With more than 1 million), the team Lead by Andrew, is capable of overcoming the challenges that the platform may present. All of the members of the core team have at least 10 years of experience in the field, and all of them have also contributed to recognized projects. Huntercoin was just the "base" of the project, and this experimental game allowed the developers to correct their failures by trial and error, after years of studying and learning, I think they are capable of running the same system in different games and platforms.

Taken from Xaya team on Icobench.


As you can see, it is on the Q3 phase, heading to the trading platform release!
For more info on the schedule, read the Whitepaper

Join Xaya, join to the future of gaming.

Video explanation

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