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it's very cool, easy to see and find information as mapping all contents. Did you use some system to make this?

Larimers missing under key people c'mon man


I love this map, but this is a glaring omission.
I thank you for mentioning it, or otherwise I would have considered it the gospel.
Is Bitshares the first decentralized exchange?
Is Steemit the first decentralized social network?
Thanks to Dan Larimer (and to ranchorelaxo, haejin and rewardpoolrape the man himself) I saw this map now.


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Nice map, very interesting :)

This effort of yours must be appreciated. I downloaded for a better view for understanding.

What software did you use to build the mind map. Very cool

Great map.... I downloaded to have a better view on a larger screen. The map is nice though, I can pick out the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Also, I think I see the key people in cryptocurrency like Satoshi Nakamoto, Elixzabeth Stark and Terry Duffy.

I have been straining my eyes to pick them, I need to view on a larger screen.

Nice photo all the way...


thanks for your information

Resteemed, @ranchorelaxo, great post I love this mind map, it brings together so much disjointed information about the crypto world into one place, I might print it out and put it in my study. Cheers Scott

@ranchorelaxo Hi, I'm sure this is a great map. But is nearly impossible to distint the great/lacked information. Is there a way you could possibly edit the graph? Thank you. Best wishes.


right click with your mouse, copy the address of the picture, open a new window in your browser, copy the address of the map in it.


Nice! .. there's always something to be learned :) Best wishes and Happy Holidays :)
Thank you for the help.

upvoted.. resteemed.. plz upload higher resolution image.

@ranchorelaxo looks awesome. I am always looking for excellent visuals like this to help explain crypto to my friends, family and coworkers.

I know and I believe this can help us in our crypto education...thanks for sharing @ranchorelaxo , following you now.

post that gives spirit, I really like, I will definitely have any posts like this again from you

Hi @Ranchorelaxo, I found a great resource for you from Pitchbook:

The Blockchain Market Map by

Capture d'écran 2017-12-21 12.24.21.png

At, they are creating a better way to do VC, PE and M&A. They research and analyze companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers across the entire private investment lifecycle.

This market map is an overview of startups utilizing blockchain technology that have received venture capital funding.

Transactions & Payment Services

Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Trading

Identity, Authentication, & Security

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Social, Games, & Gambling


🙂 Check out my last post 🙂

Capture d'écran 2017-12-21 13.40.25.png

Great post @ranchorelaxo. Thanks.
You did it with right?
Maybe you could share your link that we can have it in better quality and live?


Nice, its a helpful crypto guide

This is really great. You are very intelligent of making map for the public. you are really genius. Thank you for sharing.

Holy shit, did you make this? Excellent work, that's really detailed and time consuming!

Hey Hey! Our boy Haejin made it to the mindmap! He's still climbing!

Can't see it, is there a way to make it bigger?

Absolutely brilliant the connection lines and map marking everything is perfect..

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Wow! Thank you for your nice work ... It's a nice Mindmap ... I see you put much time in it ... Thank you for sharing it with us :-) ...


And I wish you a Happy New Year with many nice moments and a lot of joyful days!

Wow looking crazy .. crazy things will happen some times ..

What a great effort and research! Resteemed man!

Very informative and awesome post

Great posting youre mins map...
Thank you...

When it will be launch

Nice maps sharing

@ranchorelaxo great plan.... thanks for share

This is dope! I’m sure we all can appreciate the time and meticulous planning that created this informational work of art. Definitely bookmarking and looking forward to the final result!!

  ·  3년 전

so great!


very useful guide. Thank you!


Ahahah......I think I'm also having that map in my mind. Tracing and connecting to each like crazy. Either Bitcoin, lites, one coin, steemit,....

really good mindmap....
Very usefull this map..
Just awesome.. thnx for share this post

Hi, hope you'll include noob photographers in your future curations. All the best.

great! I like post. You look in my post. thanks for sharing!

@ranchorelaxo...please what can i do to get upvote from you.. your upvote can help me solve some personal issues am facing at home..i need your help..just one upvote..will really help...and sorry for using this place to get to you..hope you see it and help me..this my just incase you want to help...thank you

How'd you get your hands on this top secret info?

Good jobb, keep it up.

Its kind of hard to see but I downloaded and hit the magnify. Pretty cool graphic


you can right click and open the image on separate tab/window btw. from there you can view enlarged

Cool, this is awesome, thanks. I have produced something very similar dedicated to the startups' world, but I have to update it adding some ICO's too before publishing it, 'cause the two things are now mixin'.

That's one crazy way to do mapping!

Nice map, very interesting

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Download Thortspace

I discovered this last week and I have it on my PC and my phone!!

I used to use mindmap,

i love what you have created here. Keep up the great work!

This is Awesome !!!

Wow great job! This looks great.

Mindmapping at that level is a real challenge.

There also some great links in there.
Will definitely download and go through in more detail.

It's clearly you wanted to make a fuss about how STEEMIT works. I don't get it why are you doing this? I mean you could have used your massive money in some charity or something. Me too, I don't like how STEEMIT works some people are to ego centralized using STEEMIT system and when someone tries to use them. They doesn't like it.

Wow... Its all mapped out very clearly here, its amazing how you came up with this.
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Thanks a lot for sharing this!
Are there any cloud mind mapping platforms that we could upload a version to (if you would be willing to)?
Thanks again!

Downloaded it to have a better view on a larger screen.It's really very helpful..

This is where smartwork beats hardwork.
Investing in steem pays off on the long run mostly now when btc and other alts coins are experiencing an all time high.
Great work @map.

So who is this person exactly?

very good mindmap & useful for crypto understanding as well as portolio planning in somehow.
BTW, could you please provide some better resolution pictures for easier reading?


As you seem to be a person with the means to easily accomplish what your post is requesting from any number of sources; I'm going to look past it and see it as a way to open up some dialogue.

First, I would like to say:

"Welcome to the Steemit Community and I apologize that the first comments on your initial postings were so off putting and insulting"

That said, in my experience I have not found that opening the door and punching someone in the face after they knock is the most productive way to conduct business, network or get things done.

So lets cut to the chase, what are you looking to accomplish?

I have no problem welcoming you to the community or acting the part of ambassador to legions of haters you seem to have unjustly acquired.

In fact you doing exactly what the site allows you to do, has unreasonably bent a number of people out of shape and they have made the choice to act out in such as way as to bring more discredit upon themselves than anyone else.

So here is an olive branch, an apology for those that acted irresponsible and an open door for communication.

Take Care,



Thank you for posting this, although even when I enlarge the map I have a whole lot of trouble trying to read it

However, what I gather from this is that Crypto is growing a lot and I would only expect this map to get bigger as time progresses.

Thanks for this. Really can't stand all this jealously by everyone hating on you and Use min. Honestly if I didn't see the potential in Steem, I'd leave just to not have to see this crap no more. These people are ruining Steem. Hope this gets resolved soon.

wow,great map,tnx

Wow! that's a lot of information put together in a single post. Thank you.

nice mindmap, missing gavin wood under key people

O.o why is everybody upvoting their own comments?

WOW thanks mate! Handy AS!!!



Thanks for the map¡ Happy 12018! Don't forget about OpenLedger¡

I dont understand the map..please can you explain it to me and a new babie here

Please update the map!

wow ,, this is so cool @ranchorelaxo

your first post gets 255 votes.
this is amazing.
i will learn from you lord @ranchorelaxo
your post is very good.
i will learn how to make a good post from you lord @ranchorelaxo
thank you very much lord @ranchorelaxo
I am follow you (y) .

@ranchorelaxo grat map and logically work

wow love map! thxs ;)

Very good post

wow. iv'e seen tons of graphs in crytpo, but nothing this detailed. thanks for posting!

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The holy grail of the crypto world..... looks like a FreeMind map. I doubt you will ever see this since the post is pretty old. Anyway, you would be willing to share the mindmap file? Rather new here excuse my ignorance.

That map actually provides a really nice overview on different projects and the field they belong into. Will have to take a closer look on it the next days to figure out what interesting stuff I might have missed :)

We know what you are upto, that is, trying to leech the reward pool and pocket it to yourself (by using a proxy or a guy hired by you?). And other whales aren't liking it.


He did invest over $1.3 million USD into steem. Which at current prices means this (guy) is investing $4.2 million dollars of his own money into this. How many of you are investing $4.2 million USD into steem? That seems to be forgotten in all of this.


I could care less. If they are here to basically commit robbery of me and other's they don't belong here.


How are they robbing you when they bought in with millions of dollars and are currently investing close to $3 million dollars into steem? They are simply using their purchased stake. If users want to earn more on here, there is one sure fire way to do so... buy more stake!


Purchasing a stake to rob from the rewards pool. That isn't that hard .


Can you do that?


So if you invest 4 million and don't vote it's ok, but if you invest 4 million and do exercise you voting rights then you are raping the reward pool? Is that the weak argument you are trying to make?


Vote on one person ?


I believe it was something like that yes. I think it mostly stems from jealousy by others who do not have $4 million to invest in the steemit platform. However, like in other things in life, it takes money to make money.


Yes, that is essentially what is happening. Make a 4 million investment and make 40,000 a week off it.


What is the problem there? Seems like a great way to drive demand for steem, no?


No one complained when he wasn't using his rightful 10 votes per day. The berniebots apparently would like it better if no one invested in steam or tried to gain value from that investment.


Yep, the less goes to others, the more goes to them. It's a zero sum game. "They" (collectively) have been running off investors trying to earn a ROI for months now. Nothing new for them.


Sigh.. just another day in the circle jerking community of Steemit. Well said @littleboy this shit is getting ridiculous and gives Steemit a bad name.



Are you assuming this is @haejin or a personal friend of his?

This account joined in March with 50000 Steem orignally, and loaded up in May or June and was then contacted by @ned, presumably due to size of investment.

@haejin joined in June and didn't invest at all, but did post at a similar rate to what he is doing right now. Clearly he's made quite a few people a lot of money over the past few months as BTC and now the Alts are starting to move.

Saying that, 7% of the rewards pool is a lot to go to one account. I am both jealous and holding admiration for this seemingly rags to riches story.


I think both these accounts are owned by a single person. In anyway, what he does is real reward pool rape and unethical in many aspects. I guess this person has already made twice the amount he invested here. Perhaps @ned is his friend.