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One could argue that Potrero Hill boasts some of the best views of downtown San Francisco. Potrero Hill is characterized by steep, rolling terrain improved with low-density housing, with single family dwellings comprising the dominant product. Most of the residential development on Potrero Hill consists of Victorians, with development of the Hill starting on the northwest face and progressing in a southeasterly direction. Thus, with a few exceptions consisting primarily of live/work units developed in the late-1990s, most of the new residential condominium product is found on the south and southeast side of Potrero Hill.

Uses on the north face of Potrero Hill between 14th and Mariposa Streets are primarily industrial interspersed with quasi-retail uses that include some furniture showrooms catering to Showplace Square clientele. South of Mariposa Street, development of the north face is primarily residential. Neighborhood serving commercial establishments are found along 18th Street between Connecticut and Mississippi Streets and on 20th Street between Missouri and Wisconsin Streets.

The north face of Potrero Hill in particular stands to benefit from its proximity to the growing economic activity in Mission Bay. Changes to the city’s “Eastern Neighborhoods” have created a vibrant, pedestrian oriented commercial corridor along 17th Street in Potrero Hill. New condominium development along the north and east face of Potrero Hill competes directly with the Central Waterfront neighborhood.

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Spectacular long-view scenes! There doesn't seem much green space in that commercial environment.