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Does anyone have news on binance because the page won't even load for me? I'm just going to speculate that no one having access to their money has actually helped the market cap grow. When it opens back up do you think "fear" will set in and people will try and run from binance or sell off?

Current Binance HoDlings XLM, XRP, ETH, ADA, XVG, WTC, VEN, NANO, NEBL, BNB... Thinking about taking some profits and booking a mini win on some and putting the rest into storage.

Also thinking about getting a position in BTS...Thoughts?

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I was under the assumption they had maintenance. They should be up and running again now.


Yeah I assumed maintenance... but of course twitter was rampant with rumors. Had to come to steemit for some better info!! Mine still won't load but I'm not worried yet... :)