Akropolis. New approaches for solving old problems

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New approaches to solving old problems

Once looking through a BTT forum I bumped into a question "How old are you?" The result turned interesting: a vast majority of people, interested in the topic of cryptocurrency, are younger than 25 or sometimes even schoolchildren. It’s less common to come across 30-year-olds, and the older generation is a unique phenomenon.

It is logical that modern youth are interested in earning money here and now, and do not tend to think what will happen in 30-40 when they are retired. Live hard! Why to think about your pension? Besides, people generally are skeptical about the fact that their savings are in someone else's, possibly bad, hands. Moreover, it’s rather difficult to live with that payout, I would even use the term “survive”.

Broadly speaking, this problem is global. The quality of life has improved, people live longer, there are more older people now. This burden falls on the working population, which pays taxes. 

Trying to find the way out of this situation, the government can increase the retirement age and create other "pleasant" innovations. Not even taking into account our pension fund. Nowadays non-governmental pension funds, as well as decentralized ones, offer their solution to this situation. And this is more familiar to the younger generation. A similar proposal is made by the Akropolis project team.

Akropolis is based on Blockchain platform that aims to create a global pension ecosystem, providing decent benefits to participants.

Structure of the system

• Individual users;

• Pension and investment funds;

• Managers of pension funds;

• External developers;

• Asset Tokenizers.

What will users receive?

• Transparency and references(all operations, performed by platform managers, will be freely available);

• Flexibility (tokens can be easily transferred from project to project);

• Mobility (you can use a modern mobile application to manage your asset);

•Benefit from selling user’s data if all parties agree (it must be paid by organizations which are located on the platform and request them);

• Benefits from participation in the development of the system and new products of Akropolis.

Tokens and Services

The basic services of the platform will be free, but there will also be provided an extended list of paid services. There will be two tokens on the platform:  an external AKT and an internal AIT.

The cost of an external token will depend on the market situation, and it can be used to access additional features and premium platform services.

An internal token will be stable in cost. It will be considered as an economic accounting tool and reduce market volatility.

ICO Terms and Conditions

Type of the token: ERC20

Price of the token on ICO: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD

Total tokens: 900,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000 

Tokens available for sale: 40%


Thus, with the help of Akropolis platform, users will be able to fully control their savings and be sure that in the future they will receive income from them.

It goes without saying that the topic of pension is rather tough, because it directly depends on the complex demographic situation like the increase of the number of older people, with a tendency to reduce the birth rate (in terms of developed countries). But you never know. And it would be great if Blockchain could change our life, ensuring a decent life in the future.

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I read this article of yours in telegram, but there is no option to leave a good feedback. So i do it now here. ;)

Looking into my future, and future of my saving, i would gladly put half of my saving into this project. Because they are using blockchain, everything will be transparent and i can be sure my pension will be there when i need it.

Pension and blockchain. Good mixture.