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The technology currently covers almost 100% of everyone's life, each of the inhabitants is in constant contact with any device, whether by communication, information, work or simply entertainment. The age of the internet seizes more and more of the planet, it is very common that there are more and more people making use of social networks, blogs, web pages, and a million tools that provide technology to be able to exercise an opinion, for example, publicize a job, offer a service or simply communicate with others. It is incredible everything that has been achieved with the technological advance, such is the case that more and more people are working from their devices, generating fixed income from home and from where they are, doing something that will generate a lot of happiness. The internet has become for many the dream job.
Some people are still a bit lost on that issue of "internet can be a good job" because for them it was a hobby, but what happens if they are told that they can make profitable profits from it? We know a lot of ads, service payments by monthly payments etc, but the problem lies in how annoying and unattractive it can be for a user to pay in that way or yet have to endure ads. That is why technology has taken a step further in favor of people, with Gath3r the simple way to generate income with the Internet outside of the traditional.


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What is Gath3r?

It is a new technological tool that allows the improvement of the experience for the user and owner of a website, it takes the Internet business further, converting it into a simpler, safer, more pleasant and profitable experience for both, user and provider . With Gath3r, you change the traditional way of winning by ads, commercials or subscriptions, because this tool works like a mineralogist, with which you gain without any discomfort.

Gath3r is much more than a web miner, it is a website with useful tools for anyone, it provides a safe, renewed and very profitable experience of working with the internet.

How it works?

The application of Gath3r is very simple, it gives the owners of the different web platforms a code, with a simple copy and paste of that code, it is then that way it can be integrated using a new source of income to the existing ones, it is possible to stop using advertisements and paywalls as main income.

"The core revenue model proposed to websites is to earn simple commissions from the pool fees, and computational power of their visitors. Website and application owners can integrate the Gath3r code with their respective platform(s) to earn additional revenue via their users’ CPU and GPU computational power to mine cryptocurrencies"

Source, white paper page 13

  • Improves the user experience:
    For the user can be more pleasant visit the platform, without so much intrusion of annoying announcements, with the form of profit for mining this is in the past, therefore it will result in the generation of more visits to the website.
  • New source of income:
    Among the novelties offered by Gath3r is the one that is a new way to obtain profits, breaking those present problems for the owners as they are the loss in their earnings due to the competition in ads.
  • Blockchain:
    Gath3r has a modern system of a chain of hybrid blocks, with masternodos, that turns the experience into something more secure.
  • Payments:
    The payment system of Gath3r is flexible and thus allows the payment for its users either in GTH currency, bitcoin, or through bank transfers where permitted.
  • Transparency:
    It provides a more reliable system because it gives the user the option to participate and they are informed when they enter the system.
  • Loyalty of the user:
    Since there is a better user experience it becomes more attractive for these the environment of the platform and therefore spend more time there.
  • Descentralization:
    The bifurcation capacity of the platform allows users to create new blockchains in this technology.

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Gath3r, the future of internet gain.

The era of the Internet has given a turn to the life of all, to paritr of the sispositivos the communication and emission of opinions took a giant step towards the future. Every day more blogs are created, more youtube channels, more platforms in which users express their content, the internet is a window to a new world that can be shared with millions of other people.

Currently creating content has become more than a pastime a job, in fact it can be a fixed and main income for many, one of the most common ways to earn income for a website owner, is through advertisements and the paywalls, but that profit system has some flaws, it is usually very annoying for users of the platform the fact of having to see millions of ads, these users end up leaving the website and therefore the owner does not win as expected, in addition of losing visitors, fewer visits means less profits. On the other hand the profit for the announcements has diminished since there is too much competition

Gath3r represents the solution for these problems, with this new web miner writers, bloggers, content creators and owners of web platforms, take a step towards the future and towards better income, with Gath3r the owners have a much simpler way of generate income that can even completely eliminate the need to use ads within the platforms. On the other hand, a significant change generated by Gath3r is a win win for users and owners, because having a nicer website free of ads, users feel more comfortable on that platform, so your visits will be longer and frequent , this, for the owner translates into profits, which is also entrusted with a transparent, safe and very simple system like the one offered by Gath3r

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What makes a Gath3r different?

Innovation is what makes Gath3r different, although it is a web mining system that is completely different from others. This is achieved by the tools it offers to owners to generate income.

Marged Mining

There are other mining services that manage their unique chain of blocks, but with Gath3r an innovation is presented, the Marged mining, this type of mining allows the extraction of two coins of similar structure, so that it allows the implementation of hashrate. Gath3r, on the other hand, offers the owner greater benefits.
The marged mining gives the opportunity to mix less known coins with the block chain of Gath3r, which keeps it renewed.

  • "Our vision for Gath3r is a new in-browser miner that provides more utility to both miners and website owners alongside enhanced security, user experience and functionality." *

Source, Whitepaper page 06

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The future of the ads is here with Gath3r

Ads has always been a way to make money in many media and one of them is the internet. Since the internet has become a job, more and more people are looking for profits from their websites, there are several ways to obtain them but one of the most common is ads or paywalls.


Putting yourself in condition of users, how many times a person enters a site and feels uncomfortable with the amount of unnecessary ads that are exposed to him, is something absolutely normal, but it does not stop being annoying. In case the owner expects to obtain greater profits with the announcements qure exposes. Many times what happens is that the user gets tired of the annoying process of subscription payments, gets upset with so many ads, among other things and thus ends up leaving the website, so what was expected outside profit becomes a low in the expected income.

This is how Gath3r exposes an innovative idea for the field of advertising, with a web miner with the skills of Gath3r is behind the traditional world of ads, it is possible to stop relying on them to generate income, people who visit the site web can have a more pleasant experience this means a longer time on the page and therefore more profits for the owner. The future is now with Gath3r.

  • For owners: The owners of the platforms have a simpler, safer and more profitable option to obtain without income, in fact it is as easy as copying and pasting a code, the web miner does its magic to give the platform a push to the future giving the owner more gain and better alternatives such as marged mining.

  • For users: For each user the use of a platform allied with Gath3r represents a much more pleasant experience with something less invasive, such as advertisements.

  • Big websites: For large companies or platforms the implementation of Gath3r represents a giant breakthrough, an innovation for their income generation which will translate to more visits, the fact that they are large can be even more viral.

  • Small websites: The beginning is always difficult and that is why Gath3r offers an easy solution to the fact of generating income with your website, your platform, with your blog, among others.

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GATHER for many scenarios

Gath3r is a platform that has many application scenarios, benefits more than one with its implementation, here some possible cases.

Use case 1, Blogging:

Luna is a beginner blogger, she is someone common who likes to post articles about her life, about fashion, makeup and more, being a new owner, she is having more and more visitors that is why she wants to take advantage of her emerging popularity to generate an income for their work, but the consolidated companies of sponsorship do not trust it because they are so new to your blog. She started to investigate on her own about how to generate income on her own, that is how Gath3r learned the perfect web miner for her, users will not feel uncomfortable for the ads and she will get better earnings for the time they spend reading each one. of your articles.

Use case 2, aplications:

Gamers is a small company that creates applications of games, lately noticed that they have lowered the amount of downloads and the downloads made have not generated the expected income, in their market study they took into account that people stopped using the applications at the moment ads appeared, in this way they began to look for more attractive alternatives to call more users and in that way increase the use of their applications, this is how they knew about the existence of Gath3r, they decided to try their services and the change was enormous, people they used more their games applications and when promoting them ad-free, downloading them was more attractive for users and the owners and developers generated more income for the amount of time users spend in those games.

These are some of the examples in which you can apply Gath3r technology, only some because its field of application is broad, such as charity and donations, any type of website, among others.

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Check the introduction video

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The internet as a source of income is increasingly common for millions of people, but every time the generation of income or profits is increasingly difficult, due to competition or user selectivity, that is why the need to improve the experience of generating profits and also to make the user benefit from such measures. Gath3rpresents a single mining strategy, different, easy to apply, transparent and non-invasive, leaving behind the annoying advertisements and the well-known paywalls, with its marged mining technology, its possibility of hashrate, its transparency and easy inclusion. the perfect mining platform for any type of existing web, internet work is now and gather is the future that is presented.

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