Cryptocurrency…? We do have lots of other important things to be done…

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It’s been six days I joined steamit and used to scrawl the trending page, new page, hot page and promoted page of the site daily at least one time, but what I find ubiquitous is The Cryptocurrencies. Discussion is obviously an exchange of knowledge and its aim is to achieve the victory. But it is a fact that nobody will deny that whatever we care is the only thing which hurts. We keep on checking the coinmarketcap and our respective portfolio and feels bad about our portfolio is not enhancing superfluously. Same thought keep on coming in our mind in the present kind of market where most of the coins are not performing as per expectation, even the potentially strong players also not performing as per the upcoming bright future.

So, shall we stop talking about it…

I can imagine the scenario in the market if our favorite trending topic takes the backseat, it may give massive results to us. We can explore many other similar super potential concepts that can change our lives and our successor’s. This imaginary scenario can give boost to the growth of whole humanity just like BTC which is having strong budding future. We can seek wellness for our family and nature too just like this crypto thing. Same circumstances can help us to manage removal of many disastrous bugs from the highly complicated systems like rocket to moon or some medical complexities. So lets’ stop talking about crypto and start searching something new and amazing. But wait a minute, isn’t this also an amazing thing which can save us a lot of valuable time for other important missions. Can’t this help us out in resolving many digital dimensions which were not explored in that way before. Can’t crypto provide health solutions using blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth for only authorized person anywhere and everywhere. Can’t crypto make financial records safe which are under real threat in our PC among many dangers which will pull all our life’s hard earned money. Cant’s this crypto make it possible for everyone to use the cloud computing.

What think tank says…

Thinking about the pros and cons is within the territory of expeerts and thinkers who has given most of there life in research and development work of same kind of revolutions. So, why are we encroaching in their areas. It is the human nature that everyone has a different set of mindset and if we are talking about this we are making a discussion viral and spreading the awareness about the matter in the world. So whatever benefits to the humanity we have discussed should be known to the common people and they will take a decision in favour or against it. Dialogue is taking a back seat in many other arenas which clearly showing that cryptocurrency has outrun all the others. But it should be our sole motive to spread the word so we can make people aware that what they are missing.

Thanks for reading and acknowledging!

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