Will Blockchain Stop Personal Data Leaks?

10개월 전

Every sixth Facebook user will have their personal data exposed. This will happen with any centralized service unless we use new KYC methods with blockchain. If you are one of the 2.4 billion active Facebook users, the probability that your data has been leaked is around 17%, given the recent news of 419 million accounts being exposed. This means that, unless something changes, every sixth active user could lose control over their personal data.

Security is something we as a community should put an effort into." The discussion progressed as Cypto People shared their vision of a future where everyone could build a secure decentralized application. Several members were left with the distinct impression that he had passed a vision along to them earlier. This was also a different voice from that of, who earlier that day had said that we as a community should "focus on building more secure blockchain apps."

A blockchain-based KYC is smart, it makes things smart by letting you check once a year if anyone has looked up your details online in the past five years, and thus makes their online life tougher for criminals (and easier for law enforcement to track them down).

So your credit, your address, the searches you have made, the credit card companies, the text messages you have sent or received, and the cameras you have just used are just a few of the things that will be exposed. This means that if you do not use your phone for your bank in the end, you are also exposing all of your confidential information. Then there are the legitimate and sensitive questions the money can answer. Most notably for kids in "third-world" countries. Because trust has never been central to how these kids send money, you can never be sure what questions the money will really answer.

Well, all of the above is now publicly available, with the addition of all of the personal information Facebook's users give up. It seems no matter what the corporate overseers attempt to hide from the masses, privacy is the antithesis of capitalism and what society needs to thrive. The unsecured internet is only going to get worse and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow even stronger. And yes, Facebook still exists and will continue to be one of the leading sources of data.


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