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With the advancement of blockchain, digital currencies and cell phones, members in the worldwide economy have been given a significant opportunity: an opportunity to apply sharp inventiveness to cash and to be a piece of an enabling peoplecentric insurgency.
However, in spite of this chance, current blockchain installment frameworks and their cryptographic forms of money have experienced serious value unpredictability, restricting their holder's craving to be utilized as delicate. This makes a significant number of these mediums unsatisfactory for business trade. The Kinesis Monetary System is particularly intended to beat these downsides through the advancement of an all around received, decentralized, resource sponsored money related framework. A financial framework that is proficient, secure, reasonable, and boosts business trade.
This framework consolidates new world decentralized innovation with the most seasoned, most attractive, and most feasible type of cash, to enable and serve the premiums of every one of us similarly and capitalistically. This paper diagrams our vision and theory behind the kinesis
Monetary System, specifying the center parts and items supporting its inventive biological community. All the more critically, examination is given that particularly features Kinesis' exceptional cash details and quantitatively demonstrates the idea driving our boosted multifaceted yield framework. These highlights separate Kinesis as a steady, helpful, secure, and compensating stage to encourage business.

Kinesis Monetary System

Kinesis, in its world changing mission, embraces and rewards the use of its own currency, stimulating the movement of capital, acting as a system that encourages commerce and economic activity. Core to the mechanics of the system is the perpetual incentive and stimulus for money velocity. Outside capital is attracted into Kinesis via a very attractive risk/return ratio and then put into highly stimulated movement. This is achieved through giving money 1:1 direct allocated asset backing and then attaching a unique multifaceted yield system that promotes exchange and fairly shares the wealth generated by the Kinesis Monetary System according to participation and capital velocity. [source]

This is made possible by employing the use of key elements

  1. Gold & silver
    gold and silver which has served an a trusted means of exchange in times past and still hold high storage value is the primary currency on the kinesis platform. Gold and silver is backed 1:1 on the platform which simply implies that the full right and title of the bullion used in backing KAU and KAG coins is given to the owner of the coins which implies that the coins owner has maximum rights over his coins.

  2. Yield
    The returns gotten from the used of this currency which is also said as the economic yielding is unlike the interest yielded by bank from giving out loans. This returns are then used for commercial, institutional and reinvestment.

  3. Crypto and blockchain technology
    Blockchain which has proven to be secure, efficient and credible is also a medium the kinesis monetary system uses to meet users requirements.


Jesey is a new investor in the bullion market, but due to the amount of bad information, jesey is giving up, not finding the place where the fair value to buy it, where to keep it, limited liquidity, logistical nightmare.

Jesey cosiguio a friend who told him about kinesis, and now he can make his investment.

Jesey is very happy to make his investments in gold and silver bullion as I wish from the beginning and now he is very confident and confident that his assets are well kept.


kinesis bring security through the use of blockchain and also looks at correcting the wrongs and mistakes of other and previous existing cryptocurrency. By bringing a monetary system that stands the test of time and can integeratd into any system available.

Informative video of Kinesis

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