Earn Free Crypto: Banners App new advertisement crypto payment

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Hi all,

Last night when i felt asleep, i found some intresting app that you can earn FND coin for free.

You can check this coin in coinmarketcap here:

This apps change internet advertisement way by implement crypto direct payment and trust.

Investor or advertiser can use this app to advertise their business and awareness. Viewer will get free FND coin every time they view the ads. This is fare from others old school ads pop up that thieve your data internet and your money for free.

By using this app, the ads only appear when you unlock/ wake your phone from lock/sleep mode.

Better try this app absolutely

How to download this app.

**You can go to this link invitation FND COINS APP

Install and test the app

Free much better than Pay

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thank you for sharing this to everyone, good job

Interesting concept, thanks for sharing and keep up the great content!

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That's interesting @sharil. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Sure...sharing is caring

I think you can get paid in BAT for watching ads too?


Yes ... you do?


think this is only a recent feature, i've not used it. But i'd stick with the bigger projects.

Interesting concept in the world of advertisement. Thanks for the information.

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Are you sure your information is safe? How much FND do you get per ad viewed and what is the max amount of FND you can earn per day?


1FND per view. This app still new, the balance rewarded on 8oct . You can ask them for detail... i just share the application

Good post please follow me

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Thanks a lot :3

what this project mainly for?




do u have more detail about it? seem interesting :)


Click FND COIN APPS above link


Alright, thanks :)