One Touch Miner Restart


Each box is one video card.

This is an old video from 2012, the noise levels rise as each GPU begins to produce bitcoins.

This Represents
$12 per day.

The video shows the scripts that I wrote to automatically start the machine, open the fan monitoring commands, open the GPU configuration window, then start each of the four video cards to begin mining.

Video: first miner, start up and components.

These were the noise levels I lived with for three years as I chased the bitcoin mining difficulty with more and more equipment.

I was mining into a site called "bitclockers" which paid for hours of hashing power instead of percentage of work per block produced. The site stopped paying people one day and kept the coins. I do not want to go back and look how much they kept.

Normally a mining pool will pay our after each block is created. I had set a payout threshold of 0.10 BTC, which was usually met every two blocks. Sometimes the pool would solve 2 blocks in one hour and other times the pool might only solve a block every 14 hours. If one mining pool was not solving blocks, I would change my miners to another.

The summary to the right represents a day in October, seven years ago. I made ten to fifteen dollars per day at the time. Yet you see much more than that amount on the list. Why?

You see today's bitcoin price. You might even be doing the math in your head for the all time high. But I never had that frame of reference back then. I could only guess the potential.

At that time I was investing hundreds of dollars in equipment to make small change. I did not know that it would ever go higher than ten or twenty dollars each. I have to admit I spent many of the coins in order to feel like I was earning something for my time, sweat, and vigilance. (painful to think about now)

I am here on Steemit now, and I fight to make my seven to ten dollars (at today's prices) every day. I see the fractions of Steem come rolling in for every vote or comment. I sometimes think, "Is it worth it?" The little 0.004 or 0.031 figures on the rewards list seem so insignificant.


But I remember that same feeling when I saw 0.11 BTC coming in. My friends laughed when they heard I was earning a tenth here and a tenth there. They all did the math and shook their heads when they calculated the dollar amount back then. You can can calculate the laughable dollar figures for my curation rewards today if you want to. Both scenarios will be viewed the same in the future. I can hear people saying, "If only I would have posted more..."

For those of you who are disappointed with those dollar based figures under each post, I offer this post to encourage you! A one-dollar-post today is worth $62.00 when Steem goes back to its high!

A $2.00 = $124
A $5.00 = $310

But Steem will not only return to $8.00 per token one day. It may reach twice that or even hundreds of times its current value. The best time to mine cypto, or rather, write posts is when the value is low and there are less people out their competing for their share of the pool.

If you earn no dollars, you pay no tax.

Everything written herein is hypothetical and for entertainment purposes only. Please do not contact me in order to extract a percentage of non-dollar earnings alleged here.
If I were to collect sea shells every day, they would laugh. I would never hear from the bean counters. But, I used to collect digital nothings and fractions of digital nothings. They laughed. Then they came to me for a percentage? I laughed.

Screen shot of miners starting on video

I hear a lot in the comments from those wanting to start mining bitcoins. Mining bitcoin is no longer profitable from a private residence. Steemit is far more productive in creating crypto at this time.

sponge bob.jpg

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This post fills with hope many (and I include myself) who have felt disappointed both in this platform, as in others of content creation.

I have particularly seen how since I joined Steemit 20 or 21 months ago, how the value of the currency has decreased and how they are changing their way of payment. Previously it was paid in SBD, because the Steem had little value. Then you could change from Steem to SBD and vice versa. Now SBD is no longer a redeemable token.

I have also seen how people like me, that our content is varied in literature (poems, life tips, tutorials, stories, etc.) and that we strive to take care of our presentation in each post, either by a text centered and justified, an impeccable spelling and some attractive presentations to the reader (it is worth saying that in my beginnings, many people with more time and experience than me, advised me that it was the most important thing to grow), I did not receive little support, perhaps because I am not a friend of any whale, because I saw other publications with misspellings, poor presentation, did not cite correctly the sources and their post were always in trend.

That disappoints even the most animated and enthusiastic person.

After all this, I learned to love what I do inside Steemit, not to take it as work, but as a hobby.

I know it's not the theme you're playing in this post, but when we talk about continuing to persevere and create content, despite feeling disappointed, I give you the reason: We must continue, not die in the attempt. To draw hope from the depths of our emotions and move on.


You hit exactly on the lesson I wanted to present. We need not rely on whales for their votes, but instead, we produce fun and exciting content and get to know others who are also doing what they love here on Steemit. When our following grows, we will see the rewards. In the end, we will be able to sell some of our earnings when the time is right, re-buy when the price is low (hint hint).

Hola @sponge-bob, tengo un año publicando contenido aquí, antes publicaba más que hace un tiempo porque estaba empezando y me parecía agradable traer contenido y ganar algo de dinero pero, no me ha ido muy bien, no he tenido las recompensas que quisiera tener y ese 0.004 o 0.031 que mencionas, si valen la pena porque ganas poco pero haces obtengo algo por ese post que publiqué, ultimamente estoy muy desmotivado pero de vez en cuando me provoca publicar algo, tomaré este consejo para cuando este en esos dias de motivación para publicar: "write posts is when the value is low and there are less people out their competing for their share of the pool"
Gracias por motivarme y motivar a los que quieran seguir en la plataforma.

I confess that these posts that you have been posting recently encourage me to continue on Steemit. I confess that it has not been easy. About 1 year ago I invested 100 usd when the steem was in 1usd, sure it would go up even more. Today my investment of 100usd translates into 20usd.

We are all waiting for the Steem boom and the crypto world in general.


That has been my experience too with many crypto coins. That is called your "entry" price. I came into steem at 0.30 and it went to 0.03 (and I reinvested)

Then I was waiting and watching. When it hit $7.00, I sold double my original investment and left the rest here to maintain my voting power.

If you wait long enough, you should be able to "exit" your investment at double what you put in. If you invest a bit now, you can exit that trade at 0.26 and double your money. I am doing the same.


Thank you very much for the advice, I appreciate that you take the time to explain these somewhat complex issues to ordinary people. Greetings to Calamardo.

Greetings @sponge-bob, interesting your story with mining, something to which you have to have much patience and dedication (like everything in this life).

Just out of curiosity how many machines did you get to have, because remembering what you said in the last post that you got to burn the rifle and street wires, wow must have been many. And if the noise of the coolers must have been a barbarity.

It's a shame about the page where you worked on the bitcoins, but as they say here there's no harm in not coming, Bob encouraged.

With what you say about small numbers you are right, everything adds up and more if it is in crypto currencies, which can gain a very high value in the future, and almost always not so far away.

I must say that I motive a little more what you say, to continue publishing, God willing soon as you say the Steem and the SBD achieve great values for us to see the cheese toast (as they say for my land).

Thanks for cheering me up a bit with steemit, a hug, happy day, evening or night.✌️


I had three machines running at one time. I had dedicated one room to mining machines and had two air conditioners plus fans running to cool them. I am happy that I was able to encourage you in your quest for crypto! Steem is still the fastest crypto and it has no fees!


Greetings @sponge-bob, thank you for responding, wow that would be as my father calls a TOC (alluding to movies/series of commands). Again thank you very much for the encouragement to follow and as you say is the best way to mine, a quieter and more social way to do mining, happy day, evening or night.✌️

What a good review of your learning in the world of crypto mining!

You encourage the rest to move on despite the devalued steem.

I always have in my present the following sentence:

Glory was never a reward from the araganes and I try to apply it in all areas of life (work, sport, in the couple, as a father)

Thank you for sharing your teachings with us!

What a good review of your learning in the world of crypto mining!

You encourage the rest to move on despite the devalued steem.

I always have in my present the following sentence:

Glory was never a reward from the araganes and I try to apply it in all areas of life (work, sport, in the couple, as a father)

You have to work hard and make sacrifices in the present to achieve our dreams!

Thank you for sharing your teachings with us!

In honor of the truth, it's a real, very thorough job. A lot of time has to be devoted to it.

You dedicate a lot of time to him, thank you for sharing it for us to also know about this vast world of steemit, which is like a chain one thing leads you to another and every time it gets longer, but with great benefits.

After my retirement, this is the best thing that has happened to me and helped me a lot.

Aprendiendo y observando como lo hacen los grandes, para ir aprendiendo. Los que llegamos a steemit encontramos un espacio para nuestras inquietudes para escribir y de paso tener ganancias. Gracias por ese apoyo que le das a todos y cada uno. Te vemos, te leemos y aprendemos. @sponge-bob

Learning and watching as the greats do, to learn. Those of us who arrived at steemit found a space for our concerns to write and incidentally have profits. Thank you for that support you give to each and every one. We see you, we read you and we learn. @sponge-bob

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all those who were laughing then must be crying somewhere