Research and New Investments Week


TRX, APX, PAL were added

I totally lost track of time and space when my youngest son selected TRX (Tron) as his first crypto experience.

Since then, I have been playing with staking, voting, and gambling (mostly poker) on the hundreds of Decentralized Apps (DAPs) listed at the DAP Review site linked here.

I started a small wallet for my son and a couple for me. We played poker, Monopoly, Battleship, and other games of chance. My oldest is working, as I told you all a few posts ago, so it is time to teach the next young crypto enthusiast how to do wallets and trades.

Screenshot-2019-11-5 TRON DApp - DAppReview.png

I was taken by the number of sites growing up around certain coins. There is Tron power, voting, staking, etc.

I am not fully up to date with all of what can be done with Tron or TRX, but I am experimenting. Days lost and many posts not made during that time.

Next I grabbed some APPICS (APX)


I was reading last night that the new APX token is trading on Steem-Engine and I had to have some. Thanks for that heads up @exyle ! I have my trades in and want to start investing in the tokenized economy that hovers around the Steem blockchain.

Last time I checked, APX did not come up as a coin. That was several months ago when I was searching for how to get in. I like getting in on the ground floor of any opportunity. Now the app is coming out - I will wait for notification and see how that goes.



This is not crypto, but anything that the US government hates is my friend. It may be the only social network that is not censored by China, data servers outside of PRC and not (yet) owned by FYouTube, TwitTwat, or BaseFook.

Wow! All that in on App? I'm all in!
This is one post.

I tend to get banned a lot, but only if the platform owners is blowing Congressmen or vice-versa. If TikTok is decent, I will last and grow. If they are "Opinion- phobic" then my opinions won't last long. TwitTwat has banned me for stupid things like writing my congressman.

Lastly, note the PALNET tag below

This is my first post on - The tag has been catching my attention for some time. I look forward to signing on and spreading the PAL as soon as my orders go through.

Just as I was getting several posts per week out, I got side-tracked and put on my investments and trading cap. Trying to do both is never easy unless all you post about is coin trading.

Don't forget about ESTM - the coin you get for posting and voting on @esteem - esteem-surfer.

sponge bob.jpg

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subsubsubsub seems like you've been having fun playing with all these different cryptos. I been seeing palnet tag everywhere but never bothered to look anything up about it at this point. Would definitely like to know what you think of it. /sub/sub/sub/sub


I just checked my earnings on photostreem and saw that you are already earning Photo(coins) there.


Too early for an opinion on palnet. If you go to and click. You can sign in just like you do with Steemit. It has its own wallet with Pal tokens. As soon as seven days go by, I will let you know what I made (or you would see my Pal earnings from the sight yourself). There are lots of users though. We will see..

I noticed you got some heavy hitters voting on you lat post. Nice.

TRON had a lot of expectation 2 years ago due to its controversial owner, but in the end i lost track of this project.

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I saw that the price had been up, but I don't buy at the peak of hype. It is best to get coins while in a dip or with early knowledge of an upcoming hype. When are we going to meet up?


@sponge-bob, I'm back around for a little bit. Let me buy us some mustard chicken this week!


Deal-- see you then!


I am in the microcenter from 9 to 18, just in Sarmiento and Reconquista. We can have coffee when you are on these sides.

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Hello @sponge-bob very good job you've done and thank you for sharing here, that sometimes we do not understand example me. Or we don't see such detailed information.

how do you see PAL for long term it has been dumped too much