They Say Money Doesn't Grow On Trees..

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They Say Money Doesn't Grow On Trees Huh?

You Just Need To Know Which Ones To Shake!

Every Saturday The Steemish Teamish Power Up The Whale Pool That Is Being Funded By Minnows! This week is our first big week with over 1000 Stish Tokens sold! Great job everyone for getting the word out. People are starting to get the big picture of how these small micro purchases over time can build a really powerful whale pool that can support minnows for a very long time!


  • See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
  • The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
  • The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
  • The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
  • The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
  • Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
  • No Pre-Mined Tokens
  • Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Build (The Future of Crypto).

Exclusively On Radex Exchange!

So How Much Will Be Powered Up?

Let's Find Out. The Total Was 0.1368 - 0.01 that we keep in the account for transactions. So Stish Generated 0.1268 in Eth This Week. We Power Up 50% Into The Whale Pool. 0.0634 will be sent to buy Steem for @steemish to be powered up for the community!

It looks like we will get around 12 Steem!

We see in this screen shot we are pending for almost 13! The is fantastic. Eth is generally strong against Steem.

steemish powering up.png
Blocktrades Delivers Again A Solid Trade. Some Have Said Why Not Just But Steem Power? They appear to take a small fee for the convenience. If they stop doing this then we would do this. Additionally I'm not wanting delegation as the community needs the benefit of stake not leased SP plus they need their Steem Power and SBD to help each other grow!

We Started with 14.509 Steem Power Today! Now With The Power Up We Have 27.459 STEEM!!!

The community says, "Thank you!"

If you are still trying to wrap your head around what we are doing there are several great articles on that attempt to box this massive concept.

When Will You Get Your Stish On?

Stish Token Event.png

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73 de LY1A

I like the new website look. Alright, this is a great post very informative and it awesome to see it all coming together, but is it ever really done? I don't think so if you are using the Continuous Improvement Process and this Team continues to improve upon that first idea of a single upvote bot. It is amazing watching this project and the community grow. The best thing about the internet for me is, well there are several best things but, meeting people from all over the world is one of them. @SteemThat is a worldwide community and growing. What does tomorrow hold? Who knows, but life is like a roller coaster so, hang on! @SteemThat is #Stish! Get your Stish on Route 66!


We are really doing it! So many said minnows could not build a whale pool but we are slowly doing it! 2018 Is Going to be a great year!

Everything is starting to come together!

Commodities Grow On Trees Like Oranges and Lemons.. And Since Stish Tokens are considered commodities is so many jurisdictions now why not treat the Stish like fruit and savor the flavor!

You got a 8.43% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @binkley!

This is fantastico! I'll publish a smaller version and resteem the news!

kann man die schon kaufen

I have no Steempower.
What about me?

I don't get out much but I'm curious when I will see massive amounts of Steem Power? Huh? Huh? I know steemish first! I'm a lonely curation specialist account over here.

Haha you have really pointed the imp thing in such an intresting way ....keep it up !!

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