๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ OMG! Is this BITCOIN prediction true?๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

2๋…„ ์ „


This morning I made a very interesting discovery!

I have compared several old charts with Bitcoin and landed a hit!


The magic word is "DOTCOM Bubble"!

What does the DOTCOM bubble have in common with Bitcoin?

Look at yourself and tell me what you think!

Should it be true, you would be able to avoid bigger losses and take a really mad profit!
Resteem this thesis with all your friends and let them participate!
Every resteem gets a nice upvote from me


Heute morgen habe ich eine sehr interessante entdeckung gemacht!

Ich habe diverse alte Charts mit Bitcoin verglichen und einen Treffer gelandet!


Das Zauberwort heisst "DOTCOM Blase"!

Was hat die DOTCOM blase mit Bitcoin gemeinsam?

Schau selbst und sag mir was du dazu denkst!

Sollte es sich als wahr erweissen, so wรผrdest du grรถssere verluste vermeiden kรถnnen und einen wahnsinigen gewinn mitnehmen kรถnnen! Resteem diese These mit all deinen freunden und lass sie mit teilhaben!
Jeder resteem erhรคlt einen netten upvote von mir

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ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

So wie jeder Markt. Egal, ob Krypto oder Aktien. Immer das Gleiche :D
Und ich glaube immer noch, dass wir in der Awareness Phase sind.
Google allein ist mehr Wert als das Ganze Geld der Welt im Kryptomarkt im Moment xD


Bleiben wir beim BTC. Jedes Jahre das Gleiche:


Da muss Crypto noch ein wenig runter ;) Mal schauen ob sich meine Chart bewahrheitet :D
Danke fรผrs Teilen! Sehr gutes Lehrbuch :D

I'm expecting another drop in the price of Bitcoin. I'm not selling any of alts because the market is too unstable. However, I'll have my fiat ready to purchase more Bitcoin/Ethereum! Great post!


thank you very much! so much consistency is no coincidence. i'm ready for :D

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Great catch ! Upvoted and resteemed


Thank you very much @soufiani
Maybe it needs a while to appear as resteemed

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Forgive my poor internet connection ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

I wish the price could increase soon because my brother wedding is coming in a month time , I really need the fund.
Thanks for the info, and have also resteem the post


Thank you my friend.
Best regards

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Done :D


Thanks! By the way i upvoted your newest posts! Very awesome !
Thank you for sharing!

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Its nice to have a greater gain in steemit and moreover, my birthday is approaching....


Good luck my friend. May your wishes come true and prices rise again soon ;)

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

coin price down we bought. high price we sell. hopefully rise higher


did you check the chart? :D
By the way nice post you made. I Upvote it.

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Iโ€™m a little surprised by recent rally up in bit coin price, Iโ€™m guessing a response from favorable U. S legislation talk


Agree, that's all just talk. The Asian market is much more important at the moment.
However, it certainly keeps the speculators active. that's for sure.

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ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

It just falling out ....
resteemed!!( ineed 100% vote this time if u can )

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

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