OMG what happens with BTC? I hate to being right!

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What happened to BTC?

Exactly what I said before. I hate being right.

But it just looks like it's going to pull a new one deep. Time for cheap coins! Now it will be shown if the Bitcoin can continue to hold. At a price below 7500 it becomes critical. Then another correction will be expected down! I'm curious and will pursue it further. The next slide will be a clear purchase order! I will use this to invest more in Steempower and SDB. Best 50% each. Thus, I can minimize my own risk from losses. Since I bet on Long, the risk will be rather low.

Happy hunting;)




Was ist mit BTC passiert?

Genau was ich vorher gesagt habe. Ich hasse es recht zu haben.

Aber es sieht gerade so aus als würde es ein neues tief herziehen.Zeit für günstige Coins! Jetzt wird sich zeigen ob der Bitcoin sich weiterhin halten kann. Bei einem Kurs unter 7500 wird es kritisch. Dann wird eine weitere Korrektur nach unten zu erwarten sein! Ich bin gespannt und werde es weiter verfolgen. Der nächste rutsch wird eine klare Kaufaufvoderung sein! Ich werde dies nutzen um dann weitere in Steempower und SDB zu investieren. Am besten je zu 50%. Somit kann ich mein eigenes Risiko vor verluste minimieren. Da ich auf Long setze, wird das risiko eher gering sein.

Happy hunting ;)



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Hey Steemit.vlog. I have just had breakfast and logged on (I am in Tonga). After checking in with Binance I popped over to Steemit to see what people have been saying. I quite agree with you it will shortly be time to go shopping. I have not been into crypto for very long, but I am probably older that the average newbie and therefore I potentially have a slightly more balanced viewpoint as I have been kicking around longer and have seem many stages of economic woe (recessions in the 70's, dot com and property market crashes etc.) . When I went to bed last night it was not will fear that the market was tanking and everything was over, but rather as you said this is a natural correction (even if it was stimulated by consecutive rounds of FUD). I do feel for those who have, through exuberance and FOMO, dived in and bought when things were at a high but I do feel that if they hold tight and stay in then in the long run everything will work out for them. People who have just recently paid more than current prices need to find consolation that they are at least now in the market; that they are still early adopters and that the party, in real terms is only just beginning. I also agree that if your frame of thought is such that you are invested for the long term growth of the blockchain space then your perception of risk is very much reduced. I do think that a lot of people are to focused on the short term fiscal aspects of the space rather than on the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Anyway I suppose only time will tell. Thanks for your post. Cheers J


Hi J, thanks a lot for your very interesting comment! I agree with you in all points. Only time will show us! Very nice written, even better than my Post 😂😂😂 Thank you very much. Wish you a great day!




Your wish just made my day a bit better, thanks for your contribution, Cheers J


Your welcome 😄

I translated this post and i found it very informing, resteemed!


Funny POST :)

It will recover soon frnd....


Of course it will :) Let's check what happens. Started my PC and will monitor what happens :)

It take more time to to correct on daily bases. I mean for this is just take 15 day to grow 20% to 30% and fall 20% to 30% just in one day which create fear in buyer. I wish soon cryptocurency make stability and start rising. In long term you will always be in profit.


You got a comment ;)

other cryptocoins are just following btc like steem , it going down like shiit


It's true. Let's wait :D
Please write a new Post to support you my friend :)


U can't be that serious man ...
I love you my friend !!!