How Can Minnows Unite And Get Strong On Steemit?

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There are several communities now that can help but one in particular is a disruptive force, a sleeping giant that recently awoke.

You all know that I'm part of the movement. Today was a huge day for minnows because now you can invest into your own future and community like never before. No other platform offers anything like this for minnows. Sure if you are a whale or dolphin you can get in and get treated fairly but if you are a minnow the way most look at it is that your upvote doesn't matter much so why should they help you...

The way the founder of views things is that minnows have to unite to support each other and help each other grow. makes that happen with the social portal and now the ability for minnows to invest small portions into building a Whale Pool while holding Steemish to prove they have helped.

Eventually once we meet certain numbers Steemish Will Be The Only Way To Get Membership or Special Featured Posts Spots On The Website This Gives The Steemish Utilty and Should Help The Markets Determine Price Based Off Of Perceived Value Of Membership.

We have some expensive developments coming up. According to the white paper we will use 50% of the revenue generated from the Steemish token sales in our first wave early bird discounted Token Event (ICO) will be invested into the Whale Pool Accounts To Start Giving A boost to minnows posts. The remainder will be used according to the white paper with most predominantly going to fund marketing and development for the next wave of sales.

We are planning to do 4 waves of sales over the period of 1 month. With deep discounts for early adopters Steemish token sales.

steemlistpowerupthanksmike.png One Account Has Already Started Getting Powered Up!

Get Prepared To Blow 2018 Out Of The Water!

Here are details you might find handy:

Let's look at critical information you need right now:
See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
No Pre-Mined Tokens
Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Community Social Portal (The Future of Crypto Just Ask Telegram)

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
There are other options too these are just super easy ones to get started with.

STISH Token ICO Page Is Located Here:
STISH White Paper, Road Map Is Located Here:

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Get the word out, steemthat is crushing it. Great post. I will get my hands on some steemist this coming week. I set up metamask and I got a MEW all set thanks to @bionic binkley