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Skin in the Crypto Game

About two weeks ago I wrote about Chico Crypto, a Youtube Channel, that provides crypto-news without the "hopium." In that post, Are You Stuck on Hopium, I explained why he was worthy of watching when looking for insights about upcoming crypto-projects.

This time I introduce @mr_kristof, another Youtube vlogger like Chico Crypto, bringing crypto-news and insights through his Youtube videos. Like Chico Crypto, I am relatively new to Kris' @Mr_Kristof Youtube video channel as well, but he quickly gained my attention.

As a Bitcoin Miner, he needs to stay abreast of
the latest technology in regards to Bitcoin mining hardware while
also staying on top of daily Bitcoin prices and news.

One of the first things that quickly caught my eye and attention when watching his channel was the fact that he is running a Bitcoin mining operation. In my opinion this gives his viewpoint and commentary an extra degree of credibility. The reason being is that running a fully functional and operating Bitcoin mining operation is a serious endeavor that requires some serious amount of time, money, knowledge and perseverance.

Bitcoin mining runs 24 hours a day and can not afford any down time. Power outages can be nightmares. Bitcoin mining servers can breakdown or the internet service provider can have problems. Those are the daily operation type problems, but then there are also other outside forces that a Bitcoin Miner has to pay attention to as well. The Bitcoin Hash Rate as well as the Bitcoin Price are important factors that a Bitcoin Miner has to keep his eye on constantly in order to maintain the viability of the mining operation.

It is for these reasons that I feel that Kris makes for a good source of crypto-news. As a Bitcoin Miner, he needs to stay abreast of the latest technology in regards to Bitcoin mining hardware while also staying on top of daily Bitcoin prices and news. In the short time that I have watched his videos, I have been impressed with his insights into the crypto-world and appreciate his transparency.

I really wish that STEEM through STEEMIT Inc, and maybe the Steem Community, there was a Steem Ambassador to help on-board some of the smart and honest talent out there to join the Steem Blockchain.

Any Steemians out there with a Youtube account drop Kris at his Youtube channel @mr_kristof a line letting him know that you found him through a STEEM POST. Maybe, just maybe, if he sees enough Steem mentions he might join the Steem Blockchain.

Take care everyone.

Full Steem Ahead!

+++ @streetstyle

ps. Here is the link to watch the Latest SteemFest from Bangkok.

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I dropped a comment on his latest video


Thanks for that @davedickeyyall

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off to check out his latest video now

thanks for sharing


Let me know what you think @tattoodjay I know that I do find his info to be relatively unbiased and insightgul coming from a guy with serious skin in the game.


I did find the one i watch quite interesting and must check out more of them


I do find his view of reality grounding versus other hype channels constantly calling for Bitcoin to $100,000 or something. Have a good one my friend.


thats the take I got from his video as well


funny how now that I mention he is a crypto-miner, now in the last video that I watched from Mr_Kristof he says he is getting out of mining, or at least trying to sell his miners and then lease his mining space.


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With pleasure!

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A lil bit of hopium is all what we need hehe

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