My curent altcoin profilo

2년 전

I am quite new to the steemit and steem community. But i do love the idea of STEEM and all of it.

Quick brief of my background:

I first introduced into bitcoin back 2013 by Max Kaiser on RT. I fall love to it and bought my first bitcoin at $40 on ebay(lol).

I have been using and minimum trade with bitcoin on and off during period until Sept 2016.

In Sept 2016, i bought back several bitcoin and my first Ethereum. I didnt have too much attachment with Eth at that time. But i do know that coinbase will take me to the MOON.
Ethereum was not my first altcoin, i have been trading litecoin, feathercoin and some extincted coins for at least couple years.

2017, its the year of altcoin storm and massive profit. In 6 months, I made quite decent profit for a recent gradated guy.
Which I am really greatful to the crypto community.

I am currently holding several coins which i feel really good about. I am not aiming to sell for at least 3-9 months.

I am actually dont own more than 1 bitcoin cause protently big gain of altcoin. But i will always fall back to bitcoin when market become volatility and unstable.
Ethereum is always my #1 altcoin holding. It has strong community support and RL application use.
ANS (NEO) for long time holding. Great team and CHINA NUMBER WON.

Hope my little story helps other and hope we all can make some money and friends.

Stay safe out there

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Nice! Mine's just like yours but missing the K! I have some catching up to do!

Can you do not misuse the tag of #cn?
cn is stand for Chinese.
No Chinese is detected in this post.
This is the first warning,if you continue to misuse of this tag, you will be downvoted.

Thanks for checking out my intro post :) I am curious what are your thoughts on NEM and DASH since you are not invested in them.