Crypto and Noobism

4년 전

Let me guide you on Crypto Noobism 1 on 1 with the crazy author.

When you first get your feet wet in the land of crypto you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable with seeing your money raising and crashing faster than a boeing 747 with a pilot having a parkinson's disease attack, and that is not an attack on Parkinsons, Parkinsons lives matter, and everyone should have the right to work after all.

The fact is, you have too know when too put your tip in and pull the tip out as it were, no one wants a nine month wait to get your money back or realize it is not coming back, the latter like my last wife did to me.

Best advice I could give dont spend more than you can easily afford to lose and don't get greedy with the returns. Pump and dump is not just a brothel thing it is also a crypto thing.

This is just general advice, ignore it or not, I am not giving financial advice. I am giving an opinion as I see it.

If you can upvote and resteem this article i am forever in your debt

Kind Regards

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