John McAfee's Twitter got hacked...

4년 전


Yep. If he isn't lying then his account was truly hacked..

99% sure that his twitter got hacked or he went into full sell-out mode.

He has promoted 4 coins so far and all of those spiked for 20-30% and then dropped down again.


And all other tweets except of one were deleted ...

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Another example of how easy is to track a traditional account compared to the cryptos keys which beside the case when you lose it or forget the password, all should be safe enough. Of course, never say never when it comes to safety, but nevertheless we should consider securing our crypto assest in a more solid way. One thought that comes to mind is that we all use mobile wallets to hold and interact with our crypto coins, but that is the most common things the thieves are looking for.
So, we should pay attention to securing the cryptos that we have in a way that it cannot be easily physical stolen.


I often wonder how safe it is to keep ur coins on a centralized exchange. I have a ledger nano s but I like to be able to sell my coins in an instant. But a little delay is better than losing the all. However a little delay can also result in zero.



That's why STEEMPOWER is so amazing.

You are staking a cryptocurrency and can even use it actively - while having the security of it being somewhat safe

beautiful, u got new fan here

Thank you for reporting when I saw Digybyte in your twoter the coin was shot


Not sure what you mean :D

Compared to his other tweets, this does look like he's been hacked. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah - was right :P

Ahahah yes! Thanks for my morning laugh. You've got to dislike that chump, I hope they left a back door so they can do it again ahah


haha - you know. Somethings about him I like, but some things are simply too extreme.

I'm pretty sure he meant to say "HODL on" ...noob hacker


haha. Well, but to be honest - not that stupid to hack his Twitter. Especially since everyone watched his Tweets.

Last Tweets from the hacker were about Ripple. Maybe this had something to do with the current price explosion? Coincidence? Who knows..