Amazing website that invests your spare change into cryptos! + Giveaway!

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I have always loved investing money into cryptocurrencies but a lot of times I don't have time and honestly don't like throwing in a ton of money at one time. Although now there is this amazing website/app called coinflash.
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What is coinflash you might ask!
Well coinflash is a very simple to use and very easy to understand crypto investing website. It makes investing very easy and does it automatically for you with no hassle. Once you sign up for coinflash which takes literally a couple seconds all you have to do is link your coinbase account because thats where your automatic investments gets purchased through and your bank account. The reason it takes your bank account is because the main feature of coinflash is calculating the spare change on the things you purchase and then invests into the crypto currency of your choice. You get to decide if you want your change automatically invested daily, weekly, monthly. You also get to decide how much change of yours goes into each crypto, so if you ha .97 cents of change in your account you decide how much of it goes into the cryptos you pick!
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Spare change example
An example that explains what it does is: I spent $2.30 at taco bell with my debit card which means there is .70 cents of spare change before it equals $3. So coinflash takes that .70 cents and invests it into the crypto currencies of your liking. You can in settings decide if you want to invest from 1-100% of your spare change or you can even do 101%-400% of your change.

Portfolio tracker!
Another great feature of coinflash is that it actually shows you your portfolio of the change you have invested.
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This is an awesome feature because all these investments are automatic so you can set your settings and forget about it and then one day you could log in and very easily the profits you have made from each crypto!

Free account and Ethereum Giveaway!!
Coinflash is an amazing service that I highly recommend to everyone, and right now when you sign up with my link you will get your account for free and be entered into a huge monthly ethereum giveaway from me and the creator of the website!!!

Thank you so much for reading my post, hopefully this explained well enough to you how great this website is and how it will change the way people invest in cryptos!
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Sounds awesome in theory, that you can set something and forget it while putting some spare change to work. However, giving access directly into a bank account scares me. Plus why authorize a company to basically track every purchase you make. Everyone can gather up their own funds like responsible adults and thoughtfully decide how much to invest in crypto's. I'm sorry, but there is no need for a company like this. They are solving a problem that doesn't exist. If the same people take the time to figure out Coinbase, buying and selling cryptos etc. they can take the time to make a one time transfer without this company tracking everything. Bottom line, if one is too busy or lazy to take the time to research or invest their own funds, then don't even bother throwing your spare change in there.


I understand what you are saying completely. Although if you have ever heard of an app called acorns then you would know there is a large amount of people who love this spare change concept. Acorns also needs your bank info and then it invests your spare change into stocks. Acorns has millions of users and helped people save and earn over 25 million dollars in its second year of being released, if you want to know more about acorns check out my last post. Coinflash is extremely secure and I can guarantee your personal info and bank info is completely save and only used to manage your change. Crypto currencies have recently blown up an insane amount and are being used just like stocks as just as much as stocks so the concept of just signing up for a website and letting it invest some change for you is loved by a lot of people. It's very easy, safe and you barely even notice this change missing from your account so it's very fun to check the website once in awhile and see that you have made some money from the crypto of your choice from doing really nothing.


I hear you. If they can get those Acorn customers and the like it does have potential. Not for everyone but you’re right there is a market for it.


Hi, totally understand your trepidation. We only store 2 months of transactions and your data is safe with us. We only use it to count up your spare change. Here's some more on security:


The question is will it be easy to transfer that btc out of the app if you wanted to hold them in your own wallet down the road or spend them? And what fees do they charge for sending?


Great questions! Once your change has been invested into a crypto such as bitcoin it is very easy to sell or send to your own personal wallet. You would just go on coinbase and sell/send it! The standard coinbase fees, coinflash does not charge any extra to it. They also just added a great new feature where you can easily turn your bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin into any altcoin of your choice.


It's all very easy to do for even the new people, great for getting people into crypto!


I get it. So everything is handled through coinbase. Basically, the app is just used to monitor your transactions and then everything is done through coinbase.


Coinflash does not store your cryptocurrency. The crypto is stored in your Coinbase wallet. You can transfer it out any time. All fees are handled by Coinbase as far as transferring it in/out.


A clever set up, more than one way to skin the crypto kitty in buying crypto upvoted!


haha exactly! Thank you (:


I like that, 'skin the crypto kitty'.

Hi guys, I'm Lou, the founder of Coinflash, I'm around if you have any questions!

Coinflash, which is basically a second layer solution for interfacing with Coinbase, makes great way for folks that don't have available cash reserves for them to begin to acquire small amounts of Bitcoin over time.

Glad you have found out about this service. I do think many people would benefit from the work Lou and his team are working on right now.

This looks really cool.

While I do understand the concern over giving access to the bank account, it's not at all uncommon these days as there are numerous services out that utilize your login details for a variety of services. There is definitely a huge market for any service that makes handling money and investments easier.

A company out of Canada, UseMyBank, was actually one of the pioneers in this space, utilizing the same bank account login protocol for limited bank account access. I worked with them for more than a decade - and when we first started - everyone said that no one would ever log into their bank account and grant us access for ANY reason...guess what? They did, and spawned an entire industry in the payment processing world.

A couple of suggestions from an old broad that has been down this path before: focus more on the security aspect in your sales material. This is critical! Host the video on your website - not YouTube - and have a step by step graphical overview of the process as well.

This will help a great deal with conversions.

But I think with the right marketing, you really have a winner - this is the easy no brainer way for people to invest.

Kudos and good luck!