Policies prohibiting Google's crypto ads, Twitter, and Facebook facing a lawsuit by Australia

2개월 전

In the year 2018, Facebook, Twitter and Google's prohibition of cryptocurrency advertising was to make the cryptocurrency community wake up because this step makes it difficult for people to worry that this emerging market will have a lot of difficulties in losing a popular community approach.

However, the policy is now faced by Australian judges. Specifically, by case submitted by JPB Liberty, the Plainbills sought to unload the ban if these orders were imposed by technology companies.

According to Plainbills, the ban on cryptocurrency advertising has made them suffer a huge loss in business, up to billions of dollars. One of the most iconic examples of this is a significant drop in daily trading volumes on crypto exchanges

This fact is hinted at the policy against Cryptocurrencies that were issued by Google, Facebook and Twitter last year.

According to reports, the lawsuit is currently requesting compensation costs of 600 million immediately, but this compensation can increase to USD 300 billion. The law firm participating in the case also is adding the claims party to become an alliance in the current lawsuit.

Under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act, it is strictly prohibited to create agreements that significantly reduce competition. Proceedings will be conducted in Australia under the law of this country due to a lawsuit involving its subsidiaries in the country.

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