We are in the world where IP owners are not been given the credit because of them, being disregarded and furthermore not appropriately acquainted with the Blockchain ecosystem which is among the issues Colletrix has arranged to solve. The major issue which Colletrix will in general solve is the subsidence worth and income produced from permitting for the first IP owners. To help solve the issues that are in presence, it's the first Blockchain innovation to have at any point presented the NFT tokens for IP owners of structures of physical stocks. NFTs are exceptional sort of cryptographic token which speaks to something special; qualities which is so unique in relation to the typical cryptocurrency. It is as opposed to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and numerous other system or utility tokens that are fungible in nature. It can't be exchanged with other cryptocurrency yet will be utilized in this astonishing platform.

The motivation behind why it is utilized in the platform is to make an evident computerized shortage which will be utilized in the gaming and different collectibles with various functionalities previously been doled out to UNDONE, ANIMOCA, FUTURE ARENA AND BITWORKS. Interestingly, while in the game resources which will be finished by Animoca, it will be constrained by the clients unquestionably and not by developers or by some other party. So the client has a decentralized capacity to control how it goes and how it doesn't. That is one of the advantages one can find in this platform.

Furthermore is the issue of phony products and fake products, products, items sold on the planet today. The motivation behind why today is an exceptionally huge issue is on the grounds that the wrongdoings of the phony and fake product are been victimized additionally on the individuals who sells valid and genuine products drained of fake. It doesn't just diminish deals however it likewise decreases customers. This issue is solved y Colletrix as all products present or sold in the platform are true and unique, this made conceivable with the different highlights of mechanical check previously set up. Colletrix innovation furnishes stock with validation confirmation to give verification of ownership and verification evidence. Colletrix further gives and offers another market an incentive on their items through Blockchain application, amplifying the profitability and advantages of their products.

Collectrix is a Blockchain innovation platform based on Ethereum that brings together the components of IP, Blockchain and product to make another market worth controlled by the world driving brilliant contract system. It is gainful to IP owners, merchandisers, consumers and gatherers. For instance, IP owners are allowed the chance to procure by essentially do what they cherish, to adapt the utilization of the IPs. the advantages of Colletrix are additionally featured beneath. In this marvelous task today.

collectrix merchandisers, crypto devotees, and IP owners.


The exceptional vision of Colletrix is to make an extremist ecosystem that will present a totally different IP tokenization-change plan of action for the IP business, by securing and improving its owners and furthermore the making of another monetary incentive revenue driven expansion for everybody.

Collectrix, briding the physical and virtual universes.


The Collectrix objective is to draw in more IP owners to come into the light, to bring them further into Blockchain cryptocurrency and to further extend its mindset for the product to have the option to grow its item run for physical product combined with digital assets, to help all.


• It is a rusted system.

• It is dependable and straightforward

• Merchandisers are clients credibility in their products purchase

• New lifetime license will be conceded to IP owners through tokenization

• Opportunity of profiting while you do what you adore

• IP owners are allowed the chance to adapt IP usage

• Merchandise are allowed the chance to look over wide scopes of assortments of branded plans to sell their products.


Total token supply: 20,000,000,000 CIPX
Price per token US$ 0.001988
Initial token pairing: BTC ETH
IEO will start from June, 2019, token purchasers can purchase CIPX tokens on a first-come, first served basis until 600,000,000 tokens are sold which will be received after 5 working days after the IEO finishes.
collectrix adoption.


R & D: 40%
Marketing and business development: 30%
Operations: 20%
Legal and accounting: 8%
Others: 2%
collectrix token distribution.


Early and crowd contribution: 20%
Marketing and community building: 35%
Team: 20%
Foundation reserves: 20%
Advisors and agencies: 5%

LINKEDIN: https:

Written by :Favour200
Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=2367043

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