How is everyone going in this rising Altcoin market?

2년 전

Curious to hear from the community about how they're going with the current market? Is there any particular coins that you're looking at or have already bought into?

I've been trading a lot using my 0.2 to 1.0 Bitcoin trading account - I've essentially bought in with my entire account into a variety of coins. There aren't a lot of coins that I've already sold/taken profit from because I think they've got a ways to go before they top out...

However, I did take some profit with a ADT trade through a popcorn sell order. Bought at 470 & 550 sats, then sold for 857 sats with an averaged profit of 63%.


How have you been going? Is there any particular coins you like the look of or have analyzed and think it's going up? Tell me about it! :)

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So far this week fantastic. Zclassic is up over 200% the last 7 days so I am a very happy man. At $15 a coin it is still very much a bargain.


Woah that's awesome. Where will you be taking profits & selling?


Haha it's nothing hugely substantial. More than likely I will reinvest in some other coins, litecoin is still very much a bargain.

Might also look to convert to some Steem and then invest into this.

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Going a bit slow, as I'm trying to consolidate everything at the moment. I have money across GDAX, Poloniex, Cryptopia, Kraken... probably one or two others, for an amount < USD100 across all platforms. The problem is, I would need to send some BTC to some of them in order to meet their minimum withdrawals (looking at you Kraken).

The one trade I was very happy about was BTS (although my trade management after putting it on was horrible, and worked out only as an act of God I think.) Bought 125 at 2258, and in an immediate act of daring the mouse trap, put them up for lending on Poloniex. (Over 1% per day lending rate) That one loan, once repaid netted me an additional 16.

Moved back to normal trading, sold 80 at 3576, which covered my purchase price. Haven't been able to decide the proper next move for the rest.