OnePageX: An easy to use cryptocurrency exchange.

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For many intending cryptocurrency investors, getting started can be mightily confusing, and this can deter them from investing.
When the processes are simplifed-assuming they work, services rendered will be very effective and will meet the need of users.


OnePageX is a one page cryptocurrency converter that ensures that users can exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies, almost instantly. They have 143 tokens supported, which is unrivalled in the industry. Tokens supported include IOST, ARK, and BCH.

Transaction fees on OnePageX are a very low 0.5%, which goes along with some minimal network fees for transactions.


Transactions on OnePageX are usually concluded within 25 minutes, and are almost instant in many cases. Another factor that could affect transaction time is not paying sufficient fees, when transacting with a currency like Bitcoin.

To keep users updated about transactions that have been initiated by them, OnePageX makes use of transaction cards to do this.


This is a little code provided by OnePageX to ensure that its widget can be integrated seamlessly into any website. It gives operators an opportunity to offer value to their users.

The code can be seen below:


Brian is a new user to the cryptocurrency industry, and he wishes to swap his BTC for ARC and EOS, which he has some interest in.
Still learning the ropes, he gets confused by some services rendered by a number of exchanges.

He read a review on Steemit about OnePageX, and decides to give it a shot. OnePageX ensures that Brain is able to easily exchange one token for another quickly, and his privacy is maintained.

This ensures that Brian spreads the word, and more of his friends are interested in giving it a trial.

2.pngSupported tokens

Being able to perform multiple exchanges from one page ensures that users like Brain do not get lost in a sea of information, and they are able to carry out exchanges easily. It ensures that users can have their needs met easily, and they will be happy to hang around for the long-term.

The wide range of cryptocurrencies made available to them will ensure that they will not need more than one service to carry out exchanges. This is another determinant in ensuring that Daily Active Users remain high.
Such a wide range also ensures that OnePageX has gone a step better in meeting the needs of crypto users, because it has support for more tokens than others. This will ensure that each of these tokens can be gotten easily, and value is spread across the cryptocurrency industry, entirely.

Not requiring registration means that users that wish to remain anonymous can do that, and they will not be put off from making use of that service.
It will also ensure that transactions can be carried out much more quickly, and users can be committed to a transaction, before they change their minds. Registration is a turn off many times, and leads to procrastination. There is no chance of this happening, with how easy OnePageX has made the process.

For more information about OnePageX:

OnePageX Steemit

OnePageX Reddit

OnaPageX Twitter

OnaPageX Instagram


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