Mr. Sage Is Back Kids...

11개월 전

Yes you heard it right, I am back

Been gone for a long time so I thought why not make a good comeback.

Let's get this party started...

The market has been brutal for the last couple of months and nothing interesting is happening now so I lost that will to sit down and write an article and I have no idea what I am doing with this one.

Now a day's I am struggling with coming up with something to write about and it's I got the writer's block now. But sometimes I get that inspiration that only lasts for a small time, Like for 5 minutes I am overflowing with ideas and when I sit down and start typing it's all gone...

I don't know what to write about now and writing crypto related articles is useless now as the marketis bad and the drama is what keeps people going. If you have a hard time believing that then why not come to SteemSpeak and see for yourself.

Yeah most of us got rekt, so basically everyone is having a sort of depression now and the best part is most #experts underestimated this dip and they also got rekt. But I am not going to complain about this as everyone wanted the price to come down so they can buy low. But now it has come down and people are not able to buy this dip as most of them already wasted their money buying the previous dip or something like that so it's pointless and there's only so much fiat that one person can put into the system.

Honestly I also got rekt and so did everyone in the my trading group. We all were hoping that this shitcoin called Odyssey will moon and we all will be rich. We had good reasons to expect that as the odyssey had partnered up with Obike, Which was a very famous bike sharing system with operations in many countries.

Long story short, Obike became insolvent and OCN went downhill fast, This might also have happened because of bitcoin's dip, But I don't know.

Anyway, The bear market taught me many lessons and that has made me a better trader now than what i used to be earlier.

I don't this I can keep pushing this anymore so...

That's pretty much it.

Smash That Upvote button, will ya?

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