Launches into the Hot Australian Bitcoin Scene

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Australia has a thriving Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency community, with interest in the space still high, despite the downturn in the market since the frenzy of the December peak. People from all walks of life have jumped on board and can be found at packed out weekly meetups around the country.

Into this market, comes the newly launched website,, which aims to provide the latest Australian blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and resources. The domain itself, would in my estimation, be the second most valuable crypto related name in Australia, next to, which was purchased for $35,182 USD back in 2014. In the case of, owner Chris Burgess registered it long before cryptocurrency even existed.

The site built on this premium domain is divided into several sections, providing information for those new to cryptocurrency, right through to the highly experienced and technically minded. Here is an outline of each of the sections.

News: articles about the latest cryptocurrency events, projects, technologies, interviews and reviews, written by Chris Burgess and his team of writers. You can even apply to write for here.

Events: details about one-off conferences and events, along with regular meetups. Find out dates, times, places, costs and where to register for these. If you run or host an event or meetup yourself, you can submit it for listing on here.

Buying and Selling: information about how and where to buy and sell crytocurrencies, exchanges and things to consider when choosing an exchange, along with links to security tips and details about how wallets work.

Crypto Wallets: learn about hardware and software wallets, what they are, the differences and some options that are available for each type of wallet.

Tools: handy online tools that can make crypto things quicker and easier, such as cryptocurrency converters and real-time price tickers. Further tools will be added over time.

Getting Started: the place to learn what cryptocurrencies are, what a blockchain is, how cryptocurrencies compare to traditional banking and how to protect your cryptocurrencies and keep them secure.

Along with the website, you can also connect with or follow on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Finally, if you're looking for somewhere to advertise your Bitcoin, blockchain or cryptocurrency project, business or product, you can submit your details to here.

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