Goldilock: The New Definition of Security

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They stole all my coins out of my wallet, HELP!

When this happens there is not much you can do, imagine that you are entering your wallet and when you check you do not see any of the coins you have saved and transactions made to unknown addresses, most likely you have been hacked.

Due to the anonymous nature of cryptomonets, their ownership is determined by whoever has the codes for them, so if your coins have disappeared, they will not return.

This is the fear of any veteran as a blockchain enthusiast, nowadays it is difficult to trust any wallet to protect your funds, as there is always the danger of them being hacked.

Goldilock has created a new, secure, hack-free, easy-to-use and reliable storage system.

What is Goldilock?


Goldilock is a unique storage system, which works as a cold storage only until the user needs to access their funds, this revolutionizes the storage system because if your wallet is connected to the Internet at all times there is a great possibility that it is hacked. Normally the user does not need to be connected to their funds, but even so most of the existing wallets are always connected to the internet which causes a security breach that hackers can take advantage of.
The special features of Goldilock allow users to be protected at all times from theft, among its main features are:

  • Secure Storage: The Goldilock wallet is stored online via a physical airgrap mechanism that is not accessible from the internet.

  • The Goldilock wallet uses a non-IP mechanism: only when the user activates his wallet does he connect to the internet.

  • Encrypted Security: Goldilock users can securely access their wallet via an encrypted connection.


One of the things that makes Goldilock special are the great advantages and benefits of combining cold and hot storage, this is special and unique because the vulnerabilities of both types of storage are eliminated and only a solid impenetrable and reliable security remains, With this great security system all new and veteran users in the world of blockchain will feel secure in investing in cryptomes, this will also generate a much larger adoption of new enthusiasts and companies that have not yet adopted blockchain into their economic system, some of the benefits of Goldilock include:

  • Authentication of two factors.
  • Biometric Pasaleras.
  • Secure physical vaults.
  • Personally generated codes.
  • Encrypted data backup.
  • Physical disconnection of the airdrap from the electronic networks.
  • Device recognition.

Solution for Institutions

Institutions will no longer have to store and safeguard confidential user keys and data, cryptocurrency exchanges can rely on Goldilock's online environment on demand, this solution will increase transactions at a considerable speed.

Goldilock's automated airdrap function will ensure that hot wallet operators offer a much better service and are better protected against data and asset loss, all information will be transmitted through encrypted channels, from its source to the users directly.

Goldilock Token

Goldilock will have its own token, which is the LOCK token which is a NEP-5 asset within the NEO blockchain, users will be able to obtain the token lock and combine it with Goldilock's patented intelligent contract logic, making the storage and backup of their private keys, provide a special mechanism of immutable audit for each individual node using by default the Byzantine fault tolerance.

token goldi.png

Users to access their Goldilock wallets will need the token lock, when the user tries to access their wallet, the wallet will automatically consult the NEO blockchain to confirm the address of the user's public key.

Goldilock and NEO Blockchain

NEO is a nonprofit blockchain project, which plans to build a secure and recognized blockchain network for businesses and governments, compared to Ethereum's blockchain, NEO's intelligent contracts work much better in terms of scalability, compatibility and determinism.

In the business world, we all always want to know who we are negotiating with, NEO understands and recognizes this, that's why it has the technology to support digital identity, thanks to NEO technology both individuals and companies can obtain their own digital identity, so market participants can choose to do business only with parties that have a confirmed digital identity, this digital identity also allows companies and government to support trade rules and ensure that trade and negotiations are fair to both parties involved.

One of the features by which NEO stands out is the consensus commodity dFBT (Delegate Fault Tolerance Byzantine), this is a modification of the stake test protocol in which the holders of NEO tokens where delegates must reach a consensus on acceptable transactions.

For more information watch this short feature intro:

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