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The Internet owes much of its success to its breadth: a shared and open structure makes it easy for everyone to believe, surf and progress. But some companies are besieging, closing doors and creating cages to bring together the power and control of the Web. Together, we can fight so that no one limits our access to the Internet, experience or creation.

No one should be able to restrict our access to the Web for their own benefit.

We rely on network providers - telcos and cable companies - to access the Internet, giving them the power to restrict that access for their own business objectives, favoring their own products, blocking pages or brands, or charging different prices and content depending on the type of content. Web neutrality prohibits network providers from discriminating on the basis of content, so that there is equal access for all.

In its early years, the Internet was a small, decentralized network of computers that seemed to be self-governing and had no place for governments and corporations. The 1996 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace stated: "Governments of the industrial world are not welcome among us. They have no sovereignty here [...] We declare this global social space that we are building free from the tyrannies they want to impose on us.

Before we get down to business, it is important to know what we mean when we talk about the decentralised Internet. The Internet as we know it today relies heavily on servers owned by government organizations, network access providers and large telecommunications corporations - so they have it pretty easy if they want to keep track of user activity, as the documents leaked by Snowden showed.

In fact, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in the United States allows U.S. law enforcement agencies to obtain, without a court order, private data that U.S. citizens entrust to third parties, such as location information collected by mobile phones or the content of e-mails - even those that are not yet open.

The concept of "decentralization" was first heard in the mid-19th century, when it was referred to as the force that inspired the French Revolution: "Decentralization has a civic dimension, since it increases citizens' opportunities to participate in public affairs, and accustoms them to using their freedom," wrote Alexis de Tocqueville, a lawyer.

I think we should go back to that idea of freedom and get rid of the oppressive chains of the web and BandZ thinks exactly the same way and even has a plan to restore the independence of the internet to users and their privacy.

What is BandZ?


BandZ is a Toronto-based platform whose goal is to decentralize the Internet, to make it more affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of where they are located, and to do so using blockchain technology as a medium.

Its name originates from the word "bandwidth", this is synonymous with the Internet, this is what allows us access to the Internet, the problem is that the bandwidth is controlled by companies and corporations that dictate how much data we can consume and at what speed, even its price is always exaggeratedly high, leaving users at the mercy of their control without being able to do anything.


To solve this problem, BandZ will create a global extranet where all users can buy and sell the bandwidth through their tokens called BNZ, the idea of this is to establish different roles for the nodes, which are:

  • Providers: They are the ones who offer the bandwidth to the rest of the users to connect.

  • Consumers: Consumers are the nodes that buy this bandwidth through BandZ for their use.

  • Gateways: Gateways are the nodes that provide services such as STUN, TURN and GeoIP.

The connections that BandZ hopes to establish through the use of a p2p network will be fast, secure, uncensored and accessible worldwide, especially in areas with little infrastructure.

Benefits of a Decentralized Network

The decentralized Internet is an almost perfect concept full of many benefits worth believing for, among them are:

  • Users should not be under the control of an authority that limits their access and freedom.

  • It is much more difficult for network access to collapse due to a fault.

  • There will be no censorship and users will be able to browse safely under anonymity.

  • Decentralized networks will be constantly evolving, like a constantly changing ecosystem for improvement.

  • It will be almost impossible for the node to become congested because every device on the network is therefore an access point.

  • The internet will reach much greater distances because the connected devices will create a mesh network.

Use Case:

Imagine that you are going to Russia to enjoy the World Cup and you want to publish in steemit all your experience and tell everyone about the wonderful people you will meet in that country, but due to the change you could only count on buying an expensive SIM card to be able to access the internet or search without knowing a free wifi point to be able to enjoy the internet, with BandZ would not happen all these problems because you would only have to enter the BandZ application and change some tokens to a fair price of the local currency to have fast and secure internet access and upload all the photos and tell all the stories you will be part of during the trip.





Video BandZ

BandZ Airdrop:


Currently in the world there are many ISPs offering their services but despite this, the demand is growing and also ISPs do not reach the most remote areas because it seems unprofitable, often has been exposed the vulnerability of their networks and their costs are becoming higher and higher perhaps too much, BandZ aims to eliminate all this and I believe in it, I believe in everything that proposes BandZ and its vision of a free and reliable Internet for all.

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