Expansion Into coin reviews!!!

4년 전

Hey family I’m writing to let you all that I am finally expanding just a bit. If you have followed me you know that I generally just give tips on the day to day, but from my interactions it has become clear that I may be of more help.

So I am officially going to do coin breakdowns.
This will include: Tech, financials, usecase, community and overall pro and cons. I will start with what I already own and from their I will take request.

Am I perfect no, but an extra pair of eyes can help anyone when making tough decisions. I also welcome any and all debates on whatever the subject may be as long as we keep it respectful.

In the long run I hope that this will help our overall community.

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yo contact me, u have my info at http://fuk.io

I think Steem is the best. I have heard Bitshares is #2 but I know barely anything about Bitshares.

Sweet-If I have a coin I want you to review I so going to be telling you :)


All are welcomed. I do this for myself anyway, why not share my thoughts.

@crypto2crypto Go for it! One thing with crypto, most of us have an open mind and are willing to work together. Although you should avoid shilling coins you own, there's nothing wrong with blogging about why/how you trade them.


Thanks boss. This would be less of shill sessions but more technical breakdowns. So you would make you call on technicals and not a voice telling to what to do.

It’ll be nice to hear your honest opinion on the coins you cover. We’ll know your bias on the ones you own, but also know you won’t just be shilling for your own benefit. Looking forward to it!


Appreciate it my friend. I’ll try to avoid being bias, but we know how that will go.

I'm looking forward to reading it.

Being a late bloomer and all, I have some catching up to do. Cheers!


Next years you will laugh at the though of being “late”


That's great to hear!

but an extra pair of eyes can help anyone when making tough decisions

While we all should make our own decision it is nice to have people give you advice or warn you about potential mistakes!
Looking forward to these. Plenty of requests will be coming your way :)


Thanks boss.

I think you'd be far more than an extra pair of eyes :-)
But I see the usefulness of that analogy. As a guy who has 27 different coins in my pockets, I need all the help I can get in dropping some of them.


Well let’s make this happen lol. 27 my lord 😂😂

Sounds good. Most reviews concentrate on price so it will be great to have someone review use case and fundamentals instead!


Here I go again, going against the grain.

Listening to different opinions about finances is something I’m interested in.

I’m in!

That will be good for our community, my friend @cripto2crypto
Good luck!

thak you so much for taking such a nicce initiative for all of us..God Bless you


Np my friend.

Hey thanks for your help man. Looking forward to your review on nuls. Wonder what you think about elastos.

I have a coin i would like you to eventually review when you run out of your own coins :-D


Espers Coin, they want to build websites on the blockchain ;-)


I’ll keep it in mind.