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Unfinished mission

Hello, glad to meet you again in my spare time, today I made a simple image by utilizing a simple rendering engine.
Oh, I keep using 3Ds max applications like the previous rendering results, in fact, I'm doing this just to hone my skills back, because I have not used the app for 3Ds max for a long time. Enjoy it :D


This is the result of tonight's rendering, good-bye and good night

You can use all the images in this post

Best regards @kharrazi

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wooowww everything looks perfect results through creative hands.
This post will definitely give new spirit to those who see it in sharpening potential and in work


thanks you @rinaokay :)


u are welcome brother @kharrazi

Very interesting design. I hope you design animation like 3d cartoon especially steemit development in Aceh.Thanks for sharing @kharrazi

Once you improve your drawing skills with various exercises, collect the results of your drawing during the exercise, see the progress, and start creating other portfolios that can see your growing work..

Great computer skills in creating mountains and hoping they will erupt and bring steem price upwards. A little upvote from me!

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