"Demon Stargazing": My new cryptoart design

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"Sometimes, even creatures renown for their evil and cruelty just want to sit back, relax, and gaze at the stars..."

"Or what passes for them in Hell, anyway, which would be the tortured souls of the eternally damned."

My newest cryptoartwork is now available in my Superrare collection !

I started out designing this one in using a simple Ganbreeder image I'd breed after a couple of attempts:

It already had a bit of a "painting of a character" vibe to it, but I wasn't quite satisfied.

So, for once, I didn't go the Deep Style way, but rather directly opened it up in GIMP:

I replaced the entire blackish background with pure black to start with, then started selecting the "foreground".

I thought it needed to some more colors in the front.

Now that both the foreground and background are more contrasted, I focused on using the Nudge and Blur tools to selectively erase or manipulate parts of my "demon", to bring out his personality more show it off as a character.

At least more than just a randomly colored blob with the slightest impression of a character ;)

Above you can see me painstakingly working through forming a proper second hand for my critter. I also erased several protruding elements and smoothed others over:

I then added little starts using the Supernova light filter

I then made a couple of experiments using Colors and Contrasts, and applied some G'MIC-qt filters:

And after some more work and a Canvas filter, voila !


I also recently made an artwork in honor of Space Misfits RUSH alpha.

A simple space combat simulator with (barely, but improving) functional ENJIN loot drops in-game ?

Hell Yeah !

I spend 30+$ worth of Eth for a ship blueprint (playable and buildable in the full release), and got myself a RUSH token to be able to participate.

The Loot drop system goes on and off, and not all the Loot boxes contain something...

I actually think, given that the most common rarity is "Uncommon" and I have never seen a common drop, that the "common" drop is actually an empty loot box !

So it was only proper, given the obsession with Loot Boxes this game gave it's alpha testers, that my artwork be called "The Lootbox Generator".


It's already got a 0.07 ETH offer, hopefully I can get someone interested that's ready to bid more ;)

Hope you enjoyed my mini-tutorial / artwork origin story !

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I knew it, Demons have feelings too.


of course they do !

can't do good mental and emotional torture if you don't understand your victims 😉😈😂

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