Nui'tech, Lord of Automatons

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"Nui'tech, Lord of Automatons" NFT artwork'tech,-lord-of-automatons-3510

Bow before Nui'tech, the Lord of Automatons, robots, AI, and all artifical lifeforms.

Given our world shall soon be ruled by robots and General AI, it's better to be on Nui-tech's good side ;)

I started out with a Pexels graphic:

I then used the Kaleidoscope filter:

And cut it down to size:

I then began erasing the parts of the image I ddin't want to keep around:

I redid the eyes a bit:

After some adjustments to the eyes, I tried to personalize the "mouth" using several G'MIC-qt filters:

I used a separate layer as an overlay over the middle:

And applied an Emboss effect to it:

I created two or three variants and combined those in a GIF for the final version:


The Twelfth Lord of my Lord Series is done !

I think he fits in pretty well with the rest of the semi-demonic beings in that series, don't you ?

This was actually inspired from a Streaming of Nier Automata I saw on Youtube...

After seeing a dozen robots scream that they just wanted freedom and cursing the human species for making them fight to death in an arena, I think they kind of needed an official Lord/God to watch over them.

Robots of Nier Automata, I hope you appreciate your new god !

I just read up about the game's lore, so it seems that entire effect is what it's been going for :

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