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If we think about the word "future" is almost sure that two words will come to our mind, and these are "automation" and "decentralization". There is a good reason for thinking that way: We are already living and witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The world industry as we know it, is now taking a BIG leap forward in order to merge with one of the main fields in this new Industrial revolution: The internet of things... And with all revolutions come new changes and innovations. These changes aim to make automation and machine learning the basis of the new human era, allowing us to become more efficient and improve our life conditions.

Imagine a world where everything is interconnected, and machines please most of our basic necessities, allowing us to learn more, have more fun, spend more time with our beloved ones, in brief, have a more happy life.
Imagine to have all of your electronic items do all the chores for you, buy everything you need, learn your habits, and as if it wasn't enough producing money from it, Does it sound like a dream right?

Well, today we will talk about a project called IONchain that will make that "dream" part of the reality, and the best thing is that it's based on the blockchain!the most secure and effective way to manage our assets.

Introducing Ionchain

Ionchain is a blockchain based system created by an experienced Chinese team, that is aiming to improve the way the Internet of things works. The project's goal is to merge the edge computing technology with the blockchain, instead of using the traditional cloud service storage. This means that instead of using a centralized server that manages all the transactions, all the devices using the IONC blockchain system will be able to "be the cloud" without the need of a centralized system, this way, allowing all the devices to interact with each other in real time and without the risk of malicious attacks. The inspiration of the project comes from the theory of ionization proposed by Svante Arrhenius in 1887 which claims that ions can be freely connected with other ions to form ionic bondings. In this case, we can refer to the user's devices as the "Ions" and the system and transactions as the "ionic bondings".

All users are miners

There's not a secret that there are a lot of issues and problems with mining systems in most cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. The main issue is that the vast majority of the users don't have control over the assets generated by confirming transactions. This means that the mining is centralized and the only ones making money from it are the large mining lineups. Aside from this reason, there a few advantages that make this method the best of all:

1) Avoid the ecological impact of mining machines that take a lot of electricity to properly function.

2) remove the problem of corrupt governments that take advantage of the "free electricity" and abuse of power for money laudering through cryptocurrencies.

3) Add more liquidity to the platform since there won't exist market-maker miners that sell their coins.

4) Generate passive income to all users from their assets and data.

Remove the limits of real time transactions"

Since there is not centralized server, transactions go directly from node to node being confirmed instantly. This allows new fields of the industry to participate in the IONC economy, being potentially benefitial for the following industries:

  • Automated transportation (such as self-driving cars and airplanes)
  • Medical equipments technology
  • VR gaming
  • Real time communications

The positive impact in the industry and DAPPS

Ionchain will support projects from every field and will allow the integration of DAPPS within the blockchain completely for free with the only condition of using the IONC system and code. This will (of course)help companies to save money they usually spend on expensive servers that cost millions of dollars to mantain.
Also, the blockchain will allow companies to merge with other companies, allowing services to work altogether providing users the best possible experience.

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business" -Bill Gates.

Real mass adoption and liquidity

In modern life, time is key to be succesful. Thanks to automation, people will be able to save a lot of time, and that is why the vast majority is adopting automated alternatives. This new "trend" along with the fame of blockchain, the fair distribution of nodes, the adoption of companies, and the money incentives will for sure attract the masses.
The liquidity will be way higher as everyone is constantly using and producing the coin through their real life assets. I mean, who would sell the "fuel" for their robots to work? and less selling = more liquidity :)

Abilities that will empower users on the platform

This is the slogan of the company. To make it simple, it means that all we (and companies) need is our devices, the platform code, and only the IONC coin to make every transaction.

Token distribution

  • Total circulating supply: 800 million.

  • The 25% "mining rewards" will be given to all the devices for using the system (all the devices are miners).

  • Another 25% "circulation" will be given away for community promotion (to help mass adoption).

  • 20% "community maintenance and rewards will be used to reward new dapps (incentivation).

  • 10% nodes will be given to those extra devices that provide computing power.

  • 20% R & D team this will be given to the IONC team, the ones who made it possible for this innovation to happen. In order to be a responsible team, their reward is still locked in a smart contract during 36 months (3 years).

For companies: Ralktex is a company that has been highly benefited by the internet of things business and has gained thousands of buyers who want to use their services. However, along with new clients also appeared new security and money difficulties, as well as the demand and complaints of users for automation introduction.
The Ralktex team, realizes that Ionchain is offering their blokchain for free with the only condition of using their system. After discussing the decision with the whole team, the company decides to implement this service for these reasons: They will not have to spend tons of money on servers that work as a "cloud",security breaches are not a concern anymore since the blockchain encrypted scheme reinforces security, their users can interact with other companie's products, automation and AI can be directly implemented in the blockchain.

Source (Editing apart)

For users: Jhonny is a very busy man. He is creating a world changing project, but spending time on doing laundry, buying food, cleaning, etc, is not helping him to to achieve his goal as doing this takes a lot of his time. Jhonny also doesn't like the new cloud-based automated items, because he was hacked by using them once, and all companies have separated (and expensive) systems that don't allow him buy what he wants where he wants.
After discovering IONC, Jhonny can't hide his hapiness, because now he is able to work on his project while all of his house devices are working by themselves through the blockchain, and besides... producing money. Jhon now doesn't have any problem with sharing his data either, as he receives money from doing it and it's very anonymous. Well done Jhon now you can sleep 8 hours a day!

For AI development: Since Ionchain is a technology with no borders and no restrictions, the bot Alphazero is merged with the blockchain to learn from other devices and receive users personal data in exchange of an incentive. After some time gathering data, the bot already knows the users preferences and the statistics, and takes this information to improve the user experience and product quality. The bot recovers the incentives paid through selling this information to other companies that will implement the improvements.

Know the team

I highly recommed you to visit their portfolio on their webpage here. These guys are definitely not "wannabes", they are serious, skilled and experienced (unlike many new crypto project's teams). Just for the record, the CEO has worked with Huawei and China mobile and if you want to see his lectures you can easily find videos on youtube at the Fudan University. Most of them are in Chinese, but you can also find some interesting ones with English subtitles. Again, I recommend you to google their names and see that they are legit professionals with a lot of experience.


Roadmap stages

As you can see the project is entering the 2.0 stage, preparing to announce the devices participants next year. Go to IONC webpage here to get your tokens. Remember that if you hold your coins for a long time, you will be elegible to be part of the council team that helps make decisions within the project.


It's amazing how every day we advance to the automation goal, and this project is the key for making the internet of things and automation be all in one. No centralized parties, more eco friendly devices, all of our technological devices able to learn from our habits and produce money as well. Companies getting altogether in one place, and adapting to the new revolution of our era. This is definitely a world changing project, that hopefully has success.

Thanks for reading my article!


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