China Banning Bitcoin Again! Coordinated attack on Crypto?

5개월 전

China is trying to keep pressure on the crypto market once again! And this time, China is going to crack down on Bitcoin trading and mining in their country. And I know you already saw the chart! Bitcoin is collapsing again after second continuous news from China.


This is clearly a coordinated attack on the crypto market. I don't know what China and the giant whales are up to. Maybe Whales want people to sell off their holdings so that they can buy from the deep. And maybe China is thinking of their own digital currency so that they can beat the BTC. Whatever it is, this is not good for the market and all the small investors who actually demand to see a normal market, not manipulated!

According to my thinking, this news isn't as big as the market is acting. And why do I think this is a coordinated attack?


To be honest with you, when the news came up, what time was it? 10 pm or 11 pm in China? That doesn't seem like a reasonable time to release the news on cracking down Bitcoin. This could have been done in the morning also!
And price dropped again from around $42,000 to $37,000 after the news. But this news isn't as drastic to me as it seems. China released this type of news in the past years and started a panic in the market. They do it every year when the market is on a bull run.

I don't know what "China will crack down BTC transaction" even mean. I don't know how they will do it! I'm eagerly waiting to see that. Let's consider the population of China, tons of mining, tons of rigs, tons of GPUs. So, let's see how they are going to crack down on mining. I personally think they can't do that.
GUYS ATTENTION AGAIN - According to my analysis it seems like a preplanned attack.

Suppose I am an official of the Chinese government. Why would I release a piece of news at midnight Chinese time. I will better wait till the morning and release in the official hours. I feel like this is a little bit old news and fudders are using it to bring down the market.

The Crypto market is too much volatile. If you didn't know earlier, now you know after seeing the market. So never put your all eggs in the market on the same coin, as Warren Buffet said.

If you are in the market since last year and holding, you are still in a safe place, I think. You are still in the profit. But I am feeling sorry for those investors who just got in the market and experienced this crash. And altcoins are also drowning with Bitcoins, so those who also invested in altcoins are seeing loss.

But the formula is don't sell when you are panic because that's what Big investors want you to do. They want your coins at a low price. Hold, and the market will be stabilized again.

And as I said in my previous article, if you have some money to buy from the dip, I think it's your time. Do your analysis and purchase some coins so that you make some money in the future.

Now you see how volatile the crypto market is. Don't put your life invest here; just invest what you afford to lose.
And if you panic, you lose.
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