Creating A Cryptocurrency Community On Reddit! (r/CryptoChase)

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Check out how I made my own crypto community on reddit, every day we'll be posting on there about the latest in cryptocurrency news. r/CryptoChase

Below you'll find all your cryptocurrency needs!


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This is not actual investment advice, please do your own research before making any buy/sell orders for anything mentioned!
Creating A Cryptocurrency Community On Reddit! (r/CryptoChase)

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This was a good post, I though you left Steemit mate because the platform was plummeting! Seems like you enjoy the internet hehehe, I am going to study the career that I actually want which is political sciences! Make a video on minarchism and anarcho capitalism if you know what they are, good forum mate but Reddit can censor you! Talk about and Minds on Kubera by the way, that would be amazing! I am an old fan of yours Mike, guess who got into this platform thanks to you... Have a good day or night, resteemed! :D