Step-Counter App Lets You Earn Crypto While Walking!

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My girlfriend showed me today this app called Sweatcoin. It's not so much about the money, rather the fact that there's more and more apps / tech coming out that's making use of crypto (or at least the future utilization of it) to inspire people and incentivize them for daily tasks, such as fitness in this case!


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Apparently you haven't heard about the Steem Smart Media Token project @actifit that also pays you for walking and fitness activity. They have a great bounty system. I am earning thousands of AFIT tokens every day for delegating Steem Power.

I tried this for a month. The step conversion rate is much lower than they promised. And also the rewards you can buy are extremely expensive and the only realistic way to get them is to get people to sign up through your link. So basically it's just one of those referral apps but with a better design.