When is the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies?

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Investing is the new saving

Now that the world is realizing that saving money in the bank leads to nothing anymore (except heavy losses in purchasing power over time), more and more people are becoming interested in investing.

Many of them are looking into cryptocurrencies - not only because they notice something is seriously wrong with our money system and they're looking for an alternative - but also because it's a much simpler and non-committal process.

But when is the best time?

[Overused quote alert...]

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.

Overused, but true. Hence most investors' main regret is, that they didn't start earlier. The best time is always "yesterday".

For people who think they missed the Bitcoin train and want to feel extra regretful, the internet provides a wonderful Crypto Coin Time Machine, which tells you how much your investment would be worth today, if you had invested x amount in Bitcoin or other crypto assets at some point during the past ten years.

Click if you dare!

time machine.png

Are you ready?

I know it says "the second best time is now" up there, and it is, however that only applies to you once you feel ready.

Don't let anyone persuade you before you're ready, and don't jump in because of a hype and because everyone else is going in.

Rushing things is the perfect way to lose your money.

You decide when it's time

Here are few pointers to know when you're ready:

  • You have a problem that (an investment in) cryptocurrencies can solve
  • You understand enough about it to tell good from bad and can avoid scams
  • You feel confident about the process and your ability to keep your private keys safe
  • You have a strong belief that this is it

That last point is very important.

Why would you invest in something you don't believe in?

So, educate yourself until you're confident and ready. Because the opportunity of a life time is definitely there!

This a short version of an article previously published on Publish0x.

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About the author:

Anja Schuetz helps absolute beginners to become confident crypto investors. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

Anja offers a Free Bitcoin Beginner's Course when you sign up to her Conscious Crypto Museletter here: http://anjaschuetz.net and has also written a Beginner's Guide to Steemit

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OMG this must be the biggest FOMO tool of all time! You’re going to give poor people heart attacks

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Don't shoot the messenger! 😆

"The FOMO machine" would have been a much better title for this post...

Great one, well you never have to have a million or a billion to be rich. Is all about how you experience it ;)

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If you had invested X in X on X, you would be considerably richer than you are now! :D

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