Lost Crypto Wallets

3년 전

Is it just me or do others feel that the creation of a crypto wallet is an exceedingly complex and overly confusing process. Like many newbies, I was excited to create my first crypto wallet and to purchase a number of NEM (XEM) shares. I loved the concept behind the NEM blockchain, and I was prepared to start investing in this exciting idea. Imagine my surprise when I went to access my wallet only to find that it no longer existed - along with my 300 plus shares. Now In all fairness the account safety warning advised that wallets are stored temporarily in the local storage browser, and that these files can be cleared at times. Of course this begs the question.....how do we create a wallet that isn't stored temporarily, and why in gods name isn't there a more permanent way to easily store a crypto wallet?Not being a total idiot, I heeded the account safety warning and I backed my Private key up thinking that I would be fine. This is when things really got interesting.....It became apparent very quickly that I had no idea how to restore my lost wallet. When I created a new wallet hoping to replace the new private key and address with the old one, I was unable to erase the new data. Having said this, I can't be the only person this has happened to...HELP!!!

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