Could Ripple reach $500?

3년 전

Could ripple reach $500? Well let’s see. There is about 20 trillion parked in Nostro accounts, accounts that are used to transfer money between banks.
These Nostro account have the money locked in there. What would happen if banks can use these accounts for ripple?

So banks will save time and money using ripple but will also see the Nostro accounts being capitalized. Putting ripple on a market cap of 27 trillion dollar!
Suppose banks buy 20 trillion worth of ripple at a price of $1.13, the price will explode to $600 per coin.

What bank would not like to do that?
And it’s getting even better every time ripple is used, part of that ripple is getting ‘destroyed’ making the coin more scares over time, which means the price will go up even more.

I realize there are a lot of if’s in this story but we all know banks are greedy little fuckers that don’t want to miss the boat and loves to make money.
So when they see that their competitors are doing well in ripple and making trillions of money do you really think they would say nah we don’t want that?
Besides banks cannot afford to stay at the side line too long and missing out. What happens when the price goes up exponentially in a very short time? They will queue in line to get into ripple as soon as possible.

So $500? I would say a real possibility. $1500? sure why not?

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i think it might not reach